Accu-Chek Launches New Subscription Box






An increasing number of diabetics have opted for the convenience of having their testing supplies shipped directly to their homes. At the same time, monthly subscription boxes have become all the rage. Whether you are looking for snacks, sweet treats, or even toys for your dogs, people are loving the idea of getting a variety of unknown goodies sent to them.  In the age of tech-everything, getting real mail is quite a treat, wouldn’t you agree? Accu-Chek does. That is why our friends at Accu-Chek have taken less-than-exciting testing supplies and merged it with the fun of a subscription box, just for diabetics.

They have recently launched “Accu-Chek To:” where diabetics can customize a plan to best suit their needs as a tester. At sign up, customers indicate the testing meter they are already using, or pick a complimentary meter courtesy of Accu-Chek. Customers then set the frequency and amount of test strips they need. Boxes are either $30 for 50-strips or $50 for 100-strips. Boxes can ship monthly, every other month, three months, or six month intervals. For example, a three-times-daily tester would opt for the 100-strip option monthly. However, an infrequent tester could opt for as little as 50-strips as little as every six months.

Included in the monthly box, along with the preferred amount of test strips, Accu-Chek will send their favorite diabetic friendly products. These products are changed monthly and include a variety of snacks, personal care products, and home goods. March’s featured goodies include a Tangerine Melon Body Lotion, Ginger Chocolate Honey treats, and two types of salty snacks. In the past, boxes have featured teas, skincare, and candles. The best part, if you head to, you can see exactly why the products are great for diabetics. You can also learn how to purchase more of items you loved. Accu-Chek even provides coupons for certain items!

As a diabetic, it can often get frustrating trying to find tasty snacks that don’t interfere with your plans to stay on track. Thankfully, Accu-Chek has done the hard work for you! You can head to the website to see What It Is, How To Use, and Why It Is In The Box.

Here is just one example of a past salty-snack feature:











As you can see by the description of Baked Crisps, Accu-Chek is breaking up the mundane routine of having to test blood-sugar. For example, How To Use: Tear open the bag and dig in. They have provided a coupon for 15% off your order. The page also links you directly to the manufacturer’s website to order more. Do not let the price listed scare you, that $19.50 is for a 6-pack of crisps, making each bag just $3.25.

Accu-Chek clearly states their billing and shipping schedule on the site, so there is no confusion on when you will receive your supplies. They know how serious it is to have your testing supplies on time and with ease. You can cancel your subscription at any time.  So, try something new. Treat yourself. Have a box of treats delivered right to your home!

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