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What is Glucosamine

What is Glucosamine and How Does it Affect Your Body

What is Glucosamine and How Does it Affect Your Body

Find out the benefits of using glucosamine including joint pain relief To learn about what is glucosamine, it’s important to know it is a naturally occurring compound in your body, but a synthetic form can also be used as a dietary supplement. What is glucosamine’s role in your body is a commonly asked question for

gallstone pain

Having Gallstone Pain? Here’s What to Know About Gallbladder Health

Are afraid that you may be experiencing issues with your gallbladder? What is your Gallbladder? When experiencing pain in the right section of your abdomen you could be experiencing gallstone pain. Your gallbladder is a small organ that is around 4 inches and shaped like a pear. It can be found in the upper right

Leg Exercises for Bad Knees

These leg exercises for bad knees will help you strengthen your muscles without increasing impact or causing pain When you want to stay in shape, but you have certain health issues, things may seem a little more complicated. Fortunately, there are many types of exercises you could still do without any fear of hurting yourself.

Prevent Diverticulitis Attacks Naturally

Prevent Diverticulitis Attacks Naturally

Experiencing a diverticulitis attack is not a pleasant experience. Once you experience it, you will do anything to prevent future attacks from occurring. What Is Diverticulitis? Diverticulitis is a condition that results when one or more diverticula become inflamed and infected. When the pouches become blocked with waste materials and bacterial buildup, the site then

Get Control Over Your Back Pain

Many people experience back pain that lasts for many days, even weeks, at a time. Here are five effective ways to manage your back pain. Hot and Cold Therapy Hot and cold packs can be used to relieve muscle tension, swelling, and inflammation. Using packs designed for personal use is strongly advised; you will get

Is Pain Causing Your Restless Sleep?

Older adults face a number of changing health concerns that can affect their lives in surprising and unexpected ways. Many older adults report less satisfying sleep, wakefulness, and difficulty staying asleep. Though some people believe that restless sleep is just part of growing older, this common concern is actually linked to pain. How so? Simply

Your Job Could be Harming Your Back

There are a variety of reasons why your lower back could be causing you pain. For instance, your back could be hurting if you picked up a box the wrong way or spent too much time playing tennis. However, a new study reveals that the activities you perform at work could also be contributing to

Back Pain and Stretching Exercises

When intense back pain strikes, you may feel like lying down in bed and remaining motionless until your symptoms subside. However, getting up and stretching your back while performing gentle targeted exercise routines may be exactly what your back needs in order to recover. Individuals who are prone to recurring pack pain may be able

Understanding Chronic Pain and Its Symptoms

Close to 100 million people in the United States alone suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis. Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts for a longer time period than six months, and can range from mild discomfort to excruciating, debilitating pain. Chronic pain can be a simple nuisance or completely incapacitating depending