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Prevent Diverticulitis Attacks Naturally

Prevent Diverticulitis Attacks Naturally

Prevent Diverticulitis Attacks Naturally

Experiencing a diverticulitis attack is not a pleasant experience. Once you experience it, you will do anything to prevent future attacks from occurring. What Is Diverticulitis? Diverticulitis is a condition that results when one or more diverticula become inflamed and infected. When the pouches become blocked with waste materials and bacterial buildup, the site then


Get Control Over Your Back Pain

Many people experience back pain that lasts for many days, even weeks, at a time. Here are five effective ways to manage your back pain. Hot and Cold Therapy Hot and cold packs can be used to relieve muscle tension, swelling, and inflammation. Using packs designed for personal use is strongly advised; you will get

Restless Sleep

Is Pain Causing Your Restless Sleep?

Older adults face a number of changing health concerns that can affect their lives in surprising and unexpected ways. Many older adults report less satisfying sleep, wakefulness, and difficulty staying asleep. Though some people believe that restless sleep is just part of growing older, this common concern is actually linked to pain. How so? Simply

Back Pain

Your Job Could be Harming Your Back

There are a variety of reasons why your lower back could be causing you pain. For instance, your back could be hurting if you picked up a box the wrong way or spent too much time playing tennis. However, a new study reveals that the activities you perform at work could also be contributing to


Back Pain and Stretching Exercises

When intense back pain strikes, you may feel like lying down in bed and remaining motionless until your symptoms subside. However, getting up and stretching your back while performing gentle targeted exercise routines may be exactly what your back needs in order to recover. Individuals who are prone to recurring pack pain may be able

Chronic Pain Symptoms

Understanding Chronic Pain and Its Symptoms

Close to 100 million people in the United States alone suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis. Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts for a longer time period than six months, and can range from mild discomfort to excruciating, debilitating pain. Chronic pain can be a simple nuisance or completely incapacitating depending

Symptoms of Arthritis

Tips To Keep Arthritis From Getting Worse

Arthritis is a health condition that millions of people have been diagnosed with. Every year thousands of new patients are told by their doctors that they have arthritis. Recognizing the symptoms of arthritis is the first step to managing this condition.   Two Sets of Symptoms Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the two types of

Tooth Pain

Brush away tooth pain

If you experience pain while brushing or flossing, or wince in pain when eating ice cream, you may have sensitive teeth.   Having sensitive teeth is fairly common and can be brought on by: Tooth decay Fractured teeth Worn tooth enamel or fillings Gum disease Exposed tooth roots Recessed gums   Sensitive teeth can be

Chronic Pain

Do you suffer From Chronic Pain?

One study in a community clinic found more than one in three adult appointments involved patients with chronic pain. Treating chronic pain can be frustrating for patients and physicians for several reasons: Causes can be difficult to pin down — is it muscle, nerves, bones? Depression often complicates chronic pain. Drug treatments have all-too-common side

Reducing Pain With Meditation

How to Meditate to Reduce Your Chronic Pain

The Relaxation Response The term, relaxation response, was coined by Herbert Benson, M.D.. The relaxation response results in real physical changes in blood pressure, heart rate and muscle activity. Over time this technique or similar ones may help you to turn off the stress which your mind and body seem to be continuously experiencing as