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foods that lower blood sugar

Foods That Lower Blood Sugar

Foods That Lower Blood Sugar

Have you included foods that lower blood sugar in your supermarket list? Here’s what to get, and what to steer clear from. When you are diagnosed with diabetes, one of the most important things to adjust is the way you eat. Your diet plays a key role in your diabetes management plan, and knowing what

do weighted blankets work

Do Weighted Blankets Work?

Do weighted blankets work? Discover how this could be the secret weapon to treat anxiety and other emotional disorders from which you or your family may be suffering. After learning about them, you may ask yourself, “do weighted blankets work?” and are likely curious how they can help and about their actual benefits. These are

role of vitamin D in diabetes

The Role of Vitamin D in Diabetes Type 2 Prevention

Learn more about your health: Find out what is the role of Vitamin D in Diabetes and how it affects you. Recent medical research and studies have identified the important role of vitamin D in diabetes disease, and how it can be a positive factor in a diabetes prevention plan. These studies show how a

diabetes grocery list

Things to Include in Your Diabetes Grocery List

Putting together a complete diabetes grocery list will help you stay on track and make good choices all week! Adjusting the way you eat and preparing your food at home is one of the most basic (and important) changes that should take place after being diagnosed with diabetes. Learning what to include on your weekly

getting your skin checked

Why Getting Your Skin Checked is So Important

Learn More: Why getting your skin checked should be an important part of your health care routine. We have all dealt with some sort of skin issue throughout our lifetime. Whether it is an unexpected rash, trying to relieve a sunburn or the sudden appearance of a mole. But, getting your skin checked should not

counterfeit makeup dangers

Counterfeit Makeup Dangers

Counterfeit makeup dangers are very real – and they’re not only a threat to your skin, but to your health. We live in a world where beauty standards are normally very high; brands and moguls compete incessantly and we are constantly bombarded with the newest and best options. Genuine, long-standing makeup companies are always trying