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benefits of olive oil

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Olive Oil

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive Oil has many benefits beyond being a cooking ingredient. Olive oil is considered to be a miracle oil to many beauty enthusiasts and cooks alike and the benefits of olive oil includes a wide range of uses. Olive oil is the perfect base for a tasty salad dressing, it is excellent to cook with,

osteoporosis treatment

Osteoporosis treatment: Can Yoga Improve Bone Health?

Learn about the benefits of yoga and how it can positively affect bone health. Bone health may not be something we think about often, but it is a crucial piece of our overall health and we should pay careful attention to it, especially as we age. For anyone diagnosed with osteoporosis or undergoing osteoporosis treatment,

diabetes and stroke

Diabetes and Stroke: Can Midlife Type 2 Diabetes Increase Your Stroke Risk?

Discover the correlation between stroke and type 2 diabetes. Recent studies revolving around diabetes and stroke correlation shows that there could be a link between midlife diabetes and stroke because of blockage in the arteries. Type 2 diabetes causes the risk of developing narrow arteries to double when someone is over the age of 60

biotin supplement

7 Wonderful Biotin Supplement Benefits

Biotin has numerous benefits including for diabetics. Vitamin B7, more commonly known as biotin, is a part of the vitamin B complex. This group of vitamins is needed by the digestive, cardiovascular, nerve and metabolic systems. Here are seven wonderful biotin supplement benefits: Promotes healthy metabolism A steady supply of biotin in the body helps

dietary supplements

Dietary Supplements: How Susceptible Are Teenagers to Risks?

Learn if dietary supplements can adversely affect your teenager. Vitamins and supplements are big business in the world of nutrition and healthy living. Nutritional supplements are taken by many Americans to treat or prevent all types of maladies, including poor eyesight, obesity, bone loss, etc. Many people believe that dietary supplements are essential to good