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Important Foods to Include in a Diabetes Diet

Important Foods to Include in a Diabetes Diet

Let your diabetes diet work for you and help you stay on track in managing your health. Anyone who has diabetes knows the importance of maintaining an ideal range of blood glucose. There are treatments that can help to improve your blood glucose level, and a proper diabetes diet can make a huge difference too.

foot care for diabetics

Proper Foot Care for Diabetics

Practicing proper foot care for diabetics is so important – here are the facts. Anyone who has diabetes should know about diabetic foot care. Diabetes can affect the feet in many ways, and can cause devastating health consequences. To assist you in avoiding serious problems, we will discuss some of the facts about foot care

how to monitor blood sugar

Different Ways How to Monitor Blood Sugar

Wondering what the options are for monitoring your blood sugar? Keep reading to learn more! Knowing and understanding how to monitor blood sugar, especially at home, is crucial to your health. With the way that technology is changing, the various ways how to check blood sugar at home, and in general, is becoming easier and

hypoglycemia unawareness

What is Hypoglycemia Unawareness?

Are you experiencing the dangers of hypoglycemia unawareness? Hypoglycemia is a medical term used to describe low blood sugar. Normal blood sugar, in people who do not have diabetes, ranges from 70 to 100 mg/dL. When a non-diabetic’s blood sugar falls below 50 mg/dL, he can experience hypoglycemia. People who have diabetes can also experience

what drinks are good for diabetics

What Drinks Are Good for Diabetics?

Don’t undo a good day by drinking something you shouldn’t! Having diabetes can significantly alter the way people view eating and drinking. This means that many people question what drinks are good for diabetics as well as foods because the choices made make a significant impact on overall health. The basics of managing what diabetics

symptoms of high blood sugar

Symptoms of High Blood Sugar

To manage symptoms of high blood sugar, keep these tips from BetterHealthKare in mind. The most important thing any diabetic can do for themselves is to learn how to maintain a healthy blood sugar balance. By learning how to identify the symptoms of high blood sugar, you will be better equipped to manage your illness.