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diabetes and air pollution

Study Shows Link Between Diabetes and Air Pollution

Study Shows Link Between Diabetes and Air Pollution

While research is fairly new, experts believe there may be a significant link between diabetes and air pollution. We know that diabetes is a very common form of disease affecting millions of people worldwide, and we are fairly clear about the typical risk factors that contribute to its appearance. However, a recent study shoes that

type 2 diabetes lifestyle advice

Type 2 Diabetes Lifestyle Advice: 5 Good Habits

With this type 2 diabetes lifestyle advice you may just improve your quality of life and ensure that you avoid certain health complications. Those that live with diabetes understand that the struggle is real. Sometimes all you want is just to forget about medication, eat whatever seems appetizing and have no worry. While this can

signs blood sugar is out of control

Telltale Signs Blood Sugar is Out of Control

Are you able to identify the signs blood sugar is out of control? Learn why recognizing these on time may help you avoid certain complications. Avoiding certain health issues is almost impossible. However, taking care of ourselves in order to maintain a stable heath is something we can all commit to do. Being able to

uncontrolled diabetes complications

Uncontrolled Diabetes Complications

Learn why it is important to manage your symptoms when you are diagnosed and avoid uncontrolled diabetes complications. Some patients have a hard time adjusting their lifestyle when they are first diagnosed with diabetes. While is is understandable, it is better to make those changes than having to deal with uncontrolled diabetes complications that could

diabetes heart disease and stroke

The Link Between Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke

Understanding the relationship between diabetes heart disease and stroke could be significant in how you take care of your health. When you are struggling with your glucose levels and your insulin sensitivity due to diabetes, you know it is imperative to monitor every other aspect of your health. But, what is the relationship between diabetes

diabetes screening guidelines

Diabetes Screening Guidelines

Following the ADA’s diabetes screening guidelines can be helpful in determining whether or not you are at risk. The possibility of being diagnosed with diabetes can be scary and stressful, especially if you were not even aware of your chances of developing the disease. Whether it is genetics, your current weight or your cardiovascular health,