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7 Easy Exercises for People with Diabetes

Regular exercise and physical activity are a must for almost everyone, regardless of age, gender, medical history, etc. It helps with weight loss, improves energy levels, uplifts your mood, and so much more. However, for people with diabetes, exercise is even more crucial for their general well-being. For diabetics, exercise can help lower their blood

diabetes and stroke

Diabetes and Stroke: Can Midlife Type 2 Diabetes Increase Your Stroke Risk?

Discover the correlation between stroke and type 2 diabetes. Recent studies revolving around diabetes and stroke correlation shows that there could be a link between midlife diabetes and stroke because of blockage in the arteries. Type 2 diabetes causes the risk of developing narrow arteries to double when someone is over the age of 60

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7 Wonderful Biotin Supplement Benefits

Biotin has numerous benefits including for diabetics. Vitamin B7, more commonly known as biotin, is a part of the vitamin B complex. This group of vitamins is needed by the digestive, cardiovascular, nerve and metabolic systems. Here are seven wonderful biotin supplement benefits: Promotes healthy metabolism A steady supply of biotin in the body helps

diabetic leg pain

Diabetic Leg Pain: Things to Know

Learn about the implications of diabetic leg pain from Diabetes is a disease where blood sugar reaches very high levels. Over the long term, high blood sugar can cause multiple health problems, including diabetic nerve pain, leg pain, and neuropathy. Understanding diabetes and how to manage the disease is vital for good health and

diabetes diagnosis

Diabetes Diagnosis: Why are Diabetic Cases Falling?

What factors determine a correct diabetes diagnosis? Find out at BetterHealthKare. The number of diabetes cases has been in decline for quite a while and health officials are questioning the outcome. Even though many Americans are obese, their diabetes test results are coming back negative. Obesity is considered a primary contributing factor in type 2

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How New Diabetes Drugs Can Combat Anxiety

New diabetes drugs have shown an ability to reduce anxiety. New information shows that certain diabetes medications can help combat anxiety symptoms. This information stems from research that reflects that one of the principal characteristics of both diabetes and prediabetes, insulin resistance, can play a role in individuals developing anxiety symptoms. Continue reading to find

diabetes treatment

Diabetes Treatment: Can Ultrasound Help Manage the Disease?

Did you know researchers are working on a new, non-invasive diabetes treatment? Ongoing research is being conducted in hopes of developing new and effective diabetes treatment. A recent study on mice that were used for targeted ultrasound research, found that the treatment prompted the release of insulin production in the pancreas. The study suggests that

breastfeeding prevent heart disease

Does Breastfeeding Prevent Heart Disease? Things to Know

Does breastfeeding prevent heart disease and provide heart benefits? Does breastfeeding prevent heart disease? According to a new study, breastfeeding not only benefits the infant but also the mother. The study was presented at the meeting of the European Society of Endocrinology in Lyon, France, and is certainly good news for mothers around the world

what is diabetic gastroparesis

What is Diabetic Gastroparesis? Things to Know

Learn how you can identify gastroparesis symptoms with the help of Have you ever asked, what is diabetic gastroparesis? If you are diabetic, you should be aware that diabetes can cause gastroparesis. This medical condition affects the efficacy of the stomach to move food into the small intestine. When food is blocked from leaving

diabetes during pregnancy

Diabetes During Pregnancy: 13 Things to Know

Find out everything you need to know about diabetes and breastfeeding. Women who have diabetes, or are at risk for gestational diabetes, that are considering pregnancy should first and foremost put together a team. This team is the support center for working through milestones related to diabetes during pregnancy. This team can be made up