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diabetes food hacks

5 Diabetes Food Hacks

5 Diabetes Food Hacks

You don’t have to give up the food you love with these 5 diabetes food hacks! Finding out you have diabetes can be a shock to the system and what’s more, finding out that you potentially have to change some major things in your life can be even more overwhelming. Changes to your diet are

best sweeteners for diabetics

The Best Sweeteners for Diabetics

Find The Best Sugar Substitutes for Diabetics You frequently hear how bad sugar is for you and may wonder, what is the best natural sweetener for diabetes? Whether you are using the sweetener for coffee, tea or baking, the U.S Food and Drug Administration approved six non-nutritive sweeteners that are not sugar. These are the

diabetes wound healing

Why Sleep is So Important to Prevent Diabetes Wound Healing Issues

Diabetes and Wound Healing (and How Sleep Plays a Role) Type 2 diabetes, the most frequently seen form of diabetes, is one of the most common diseases in the United States. When someone is diagnosed with diabetes, it means that their blood sugar levels are two high, ultimately affecting the way the body produces insulin.

blood glucose scanner

FDA Approves New Blood Glucose Scanner that Eliminates Finger Pricks!

The days of pricking your finger can be a thing of the past with the new FDA-approved blood glucose scanner for patients with diabetes. Imagine not having to deal with needles and pricking your finger on a daily basis in order to manage your diabetes. That sounds like a good deal, right? That is exactly

what sweet things can diabetics eat

What Sweet Things Can Diabetics Eat?

It’s okay to crave something sweet every now and then, especially if you know what sweet things can diabetics eat without compromising their health! Truth be told, it is almost impossible not to have a sweet tooth, even if it’s just a sporadic thing. But, what sweet things can diabetics eat without spiking their glucose