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seasonal allergies

Seasonal Allergies: Best Foods to Eat to Alleviate Symptoms

Seasonal Allergies: Best Foods to Eat to Alleviate Symptoms

Learn to fight against seasonal allergies with these foods. Summer allergies are here and can cause as severe symptoms for certain individuals as fall and spring seasonal allergies. Summer gives us pollen, mold and insect stings leading to many of the common allergy symptoms that make our daily life difficult. On the other hand, some

hay fever

Is There a Link Between Hay Fever, Depression and Anxiety?

Your allergies may be a direct cause of depression. Before delving into recent research investigating the link between allergies and mental health we’re going to talk about hay fever. We will describe hay fever and go over some hay fever symptoms and then touch on seasonal allergies. Once we have an understanding of what hay

screen time for kids

Screen Time for Kids: How Much is Too Much?

Limiting your kids’ screen time may have health benefits. Long gone are the days where children stay up late talking on the phone, it has now moved to scroll through Instagram, playing games or facetiming until early morning hours. The main difference from around 10 years ago to now is now kids are overstimulated by

breastfeeding prevent heart disease

Does Breastfeeding Prevent Heart Disease? Things to Know

Does breastfeeding prevent heart disease and provide heart benefits? Does breastfeeding prevent heart disease? According to a new study, breastfeeding not only benefits the infant but also the mother. The study was presented at the meeting of the European Society of Endocrinology in Lyon, France, and is certainly good news for mothers around the world

diabetes during pregnancy

Diabetes During Pregnancy: 13 Things to Know

Find out everything you need to know about diabetes and breastfeeding. Women who have diabetes, or are at risk for gestational diabetes, that are considering pregnancy should first and foremost put together a team. This team is the support center for working through milestones related to diabetes during pregnancy. This team can be made up

how to detox your body

How to Detox Your Body: Things to Know About Detox Teas

Learn how to detox your body the right way at BetterHealthKare.com Health conscious individuals have become curious about detox cleanse products and procedures over the past few years. Knowing how to detox your body is important because it removes unwanted toxins from the body, which tend to store up in body organs like the stomach

depression symptoms

Depression in Women: Can Exercise Combat Depression Symptoms?

Learn how depression symptoms can differ in women versus men at BetterHealthKare.com It isn’t uncommon for men and women who are experiencing depression symptoms to be told by their medical provider that exercise may help. But now, a new study is revealing that this suggestion is not always true. According to the World Health Organization,

how much coffee is too much

How Much Coffee is Too Much?

What’s the recommended amount of coffee you should drink daily? Coffee’s main ingredient, caffeine, is one of the most commonly consumed substance. It works as a stimulant, increasing alertness and decreasing fatigue. It’s the best way to get you moving in the morning and keeps you going throughout the day. But how much coffee is

postpartum depression

5 Ways to Combat Postpartum Depression

Learn tips on dealing with Postpartum Depression. The last thing any one expects is to have baby blues after giving birth. Unfortunately, there is a reality around postpartum depression and although it doesn’t mean that the mom is weak or unable, it just means that it needs to be diagnosed and treated. It’s possible for