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immune boosting foods

13 Immune Boosting Foods

13 Immune Boosting Foods

Discover the various properties that immune boosting foods have and how they can help you. Your body is exposed to all sorts of viral and bacterial bugs on a daily basis. You alone can protect yourself from becoming ill by practicing good hygiene, getting enough rest and exercise, and eating foods that boost your immune

hormone imbalance symptoms

Hormone Imbalance Symptoms

Could hormone imbalance explain how you’re feeling? Hormones are chemicals that we all have that are given to our bodies thanks to glands and the endocrine system. Hormones make their way through the body in the bloodstream as well as the organs and tissue. These hormones serve as messengers to the organs letting them know

weight loss plan for teens

Weight Loss Plan for Teens

Losing extra weight as a teen can help improve confidence and overall health. Teens, like the rest of us worry about our weight and although weight loss for teens isn’t always a major issue, losing some extra pounds can help teens have a higher self-esteem and overall health. It’s important that a weight loss plan

oral health and heart disease

Oral Health and Heart Disease: Understanding the Connection

Learn how the connection between dental health and heart health can affect you. Current research is showing a significant connection between oral health and heart disease. The research reveals that many Americans are living with undiagnosed gum or periodontal disease, which can have a negative effect on heart health. When patients visit their physician, they