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fitness tips for busy moms

Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

Reach your goals with these six fitness tips for busy moms New moms are juggling a variety of unique responsibilities at once, often times leaving fitness and their own health last on the list. Luckily, there are some simple and easy fitness tips for busy moms that can help decrease stress and get you to your

6 Surprising Benefits Of Taking Cold Showers

6 Surprising Benefits Of Taking Cold Showers

Many see taking cold showers as a dreadful thing to do to their bodies. Remember the time growing up when your brother or sister would flush the toilet mid-shower, leaving you covered in bone-chilling cold water? Who knew all those times they were actually improving your health by doing this. The best part about cold

Zika Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Zika Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The World Health Organization has designated the Zika virus a public health emergency of international concern, which researchers found to cause devastating birth defects. The spread of Zika virus in Brazil has been accompanied by an unprecedented rise in the number of children being born with unusually small heads—identified as microcephaly. In January 2016, the

Prevent Diverticulitis Attacks Naturally

Prevent Diverticulitis Attacks Naturally

Experiencing a diverticulitis attack is not a pleasant experience. Once you experience it, you will do anything to prevent future attacks from occurring. What Is Diverticulitis? Diverticulitis is a condition that results when one or more diverticula become inflamed and infected. When the pouches become blocked with waste materials and bacterial buildup, the site then

Birth Control

After the Pill: What Happens To Your Body

Birth control pills are a popular form of birth control in the United States.  In fact, some research has shown that it is the most popular form. There are many reasons why this is the case. Oral contraceptives, or “the Pill”, are associated with lighter, more regular periods, less severe PMS symptoms, and clearer skin.


Thyroid Disorders: What Women Should Know About Getting a Diagnosis

Fatigue, sensitivity to heat or cold, unexplained weight loss or weight gain, memory issues, and irritability are just a few of the constellation of unusual symptoms associated with a malfunctioning thyroid. Disproportionately affecting women, who make up 80 percent of all cases, this poorly understood group of disorders can be notoriously difficult to diagnose; many

Womans Heart Health

Be Proactive About Your Heart Health

The quality of your heart health directly affects your ability to function optimally, breathe and move efficiently, and live day-to-day without chronic pain. Taking active measures to maintain your heart health and to prolong its existence is crucial and should be a goal that is proactively pursued. Because the devastation of heart disease, heart attacks,

Breast Cancer Myths

Debunking Breast Cancer Myths

Breast cancer myths You only get breast cancer if you have a family history. Although having a family history can increase your risk, most women with breast cancer have no family history of the disease. I’m too young to worry about breast cancer. The disease is more common in post-menopausal women, but even women in