Simple Tips for Getting in Shape After 40

getting in shape after 40

It’s not as easy as it was, but getting back in shape after 40 is possible with a little motivation and consistency.

Although the body may not feel as good as it did when it was in its twenties, it’s possible to bring a piece of the younger you back to the surface by getting in shape after 40.  Don’t look at it as something that is impossible but instead a challenge, getting in shape at 40 or after 40 is 100% possible you just need some tips and a plan to follow.  These getting back in shape at 40 tips are a great place to start and help fitness levels go up. Getting in shape after 40 doesn’t have to be just for you, but it should be one of the main reasons. You can also choose to get into shape to save on health insurance, for your loved ones and for your family and friends.

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Prevention: Getting in shape at 40

The general consensus is that it’s easier to prevent an illness, health ailment or disease than treat one. Although preventing getting out of shape can be very difficult because… life, we have a few tips that can help you keep your goals in sight as well as steadily prevent getting out of shape while staying in shape at the same time. The main focus points on getting back in shape at 40 are exercise, eating and caring for yourself.

Set your goal

By setting a goal, you are able to not only become mentally prepared but also give yourself the reason and the drive for what you will be working towards. It can be helpful to find something that resembles your goal, whether it is a picture of yourself at a younger age or a video of a family moment. Remind yourself often of what your goal is and allow it to help by motivating you to do what you need to do.


Yes, you are an adult, but sleep is still extremely important. On average, an adult should be sleeping 6 – 7 hours a night in order to get the correct amount of rest, equilibrate the hormones and allow for recovery.

Meal preparation

As stated above, one of the tips for getting back in shape at 40 is altering your food intake and what you eat. You can do this by planning your meals ahead of time. First you should look at what you are eating on a weekly basis and replace any sort of processed or fast food meals with planned meals that are well balanced.

You can cut out processed meals by making sure they aren’t on the grocery list, or weekly plan. You can also help yourself by creating a schedule for what you will eat throughout the week and prepare them in advance. When your meals are prepared ahead of time there is a less chance of cheating in the long term.

Light Exercise

Getting in shape after 40 doesn’t mean that you immediately need to sign up at the gym or with a trainer to get you in the best shape of your life. It means that you need to make small changes that don’t alter your overall quality of life. The easiest thing to start doing when you are getting b in shape at 40 is to start walking.

Walking is the best exercise to increase lean muscle in the body. Muscles burn the most calories and walking is a low impact exercise that you can do with your loved ones. Invite your children, friends or spouse to join you and you may be surprised at how much better you feel at the end of the day.

Don’t worry about the distance but instead keep track of time, walking  for around 30 minutes each day is sufficient and before you know it you may have a new habit on your hands.

When walking and meal planning isn’t enough for you anymore, you may speak to your doctor about upping your physical exercise goals. Don’t ever give up, getting in shape after 40 is waiting for you

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