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does sugar cause diabetes

Does Sugar Cause Diabetes?

Does Sugar Cause Diabetes?

Can eating too much sugar cause diabetes? There are two types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2 that both affect the insulin in your body. Insulin plays a large role with the regulation of blood glucose, also known as blood sugar, allowing the body to convert the sugar into energy. Many people often wonder

diabetes and air travel

FAQs About Diabetes and Air Travel

With summer time family vacations in full throttle it’s important to use the proper guidance for diabetes and air travel. When you live with diabetes, you need to take into consideration all your medical needs before you decide to go on a trip, a family vacation or even a weekend getaway. With the right planning

signs blood sugar is out of control

Telltale Signs Blood Sugar is Out of Control

Are you able to identify the signs blood sugar is out of control? Learn why recognizing these on time may help you avoid certain complications. Avoiding certain health issues is almost impossible. However, taking care of ourselves in order to maintain a stable heath is something we can all commit to do. Being able to

diabetes grocery list

Things to Include in Your Diabetes Grocery List

Putting together a complete diabetes grocery list will help you stay on track and make good choices all week! Adjusting the way you eat and preparing your food at home is one of the most basic (and important) changes that should take place after being diagnosed with diabetes. Learning what to include on your weekly