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Tips for Managing Diabetes

Tips for Managing Diabetes

Tips for Managing Diabetes

Having a hard time keeping your diabetes under control? These 6 tips for managing diabetes will help! If you’ve recently been diagnosed with diabetes, you’re not alone. Diabetes is on the rise in America, and there are now more than 29 million Americans with diabetes, according to the American Diabetes Association. Learning to live with

Worst Foods for Diabetes

Worst Foods for Diabetes

Wondering what are the worst foods for diabetes? Learn what to avoid. If you or someone you love is living with diabetes, you know the extra care and diligence that must be shown when it comes to choosing the right foods. Over time, you may even create a worst foods for diabetes list that includes

Can Ethnicity Affect Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Can Ethnicity Affect Type 2 Diabetes Risk?

What is type 2 diabetes? More than 24 million Americans have diabetes; of those, about 6 million don’t know they have the disease. The most common form of diabetes, type 2 is a condition in which blood sugar remains at a higher level than it should. Also known as hyperglycemia, type 2 diabetes means the

Diabetes – Top Risk Factors

Certain factors contribute to the development of diabetes. Heredity is a major factor. The fact that diabetes can be inherited has been known for centuries. However, the pattern of inheritance is not fully understood. Statistic indicates that those with a family history of the disease have a higher risk of developing diabetes than those without

What Is Diabetes, and How Do You Get It?

According to the American Diabetes Association, more than 29 million Americans had diabetes in 2012. That number accounts for 9.3 percent of the population and reflects a 1 percent increase over the figure in 2010. The organization goes on to note that an estimated 8 million of those people had not been diagnosed. It’s important

Beyond the hype of hypoglycemia

A racing heart, headache, unclear thinking, and irritability could be signs that you have a low blood sugar level. Hypoglycemia, low blood sugar, is primarily a complication of diabetes. People with diabetes can experience hypoglycemia when they take too much insulin medication, don’t carefully time their eating, or increase exercise without increasing nutrition. Alcohol also