How to Start Running: Mistakes to Avoid

how to start running

Implementing good running tips can help you avoid mistakes.

If you are new to running, it is a good idea to get some running tips that can help you learn how to start running. The great thing about running is that it helps you keep in shape without the high cost of equipment or gym fees, and gives you an opportunity to make new friends along the way.

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But before you put on your sneakers and head for the door, read our tips on how to run properly so that you don’t make common mistakes that can cause injury:

  1. After the initial adrenaline rush of your first run, you may be very eager to push yourself to do more. This is one of the first and biggest mistakes that new runners make. Pushing your body to do too much, too soon can be harmful.
  2. How to start running safely means building up your mileage base slowly and remembering not to exceed 10 percent weekly. This will give your body a chance to acclimate itself to running, and allow you to train your body properly by increasing your mileage incrementally. As you proceed in this manner, it will be easier and safer for you to increase your running distance, intensity, and frequency.
  3. How to run properly also means having the right kind of gear. There are certain essentials that every runner should have, starting with a good pair of running shoes. You can read up on running shoes to learn your options and shop at a sporting goods store that carries the shoes you want. One of the store clerks should fit you and check your gait before showing you running shoe options. Another important essential for women is a supportive sports bra.
  4. Once you learn how to start running and avoid pitfalls, you will know that you should never run through pain. If you begin to experience pain during a run, you should stop and treat the pain. This will help to circumvent further pain and damage to your body.
  5. Our running tips also include cross training. You want to have a diversified exercise routine besides just running so that you don’t overwork the same muscles continuously. Overworking the same muscles can cause an injury that would prevent you from future runs. Plus, cross training helps to improve overall fitness and raises your performance level.
  6. As important as it is to learn how to start running properly, it is just as important to take days off to rest the body. Because running is a high-impact sport, it puts lots of stress on the body of a new runner. It will take time for your bones and muscles to become habituated to the stress of running, so find a training program that gives you days off to rest. And also remember to stay well hydrated.
  7. You can learn how to run properly by choosing the right training plan. There are a variety of training plans, but we suggest that you keep it simple at first. You may want to choose a basic training plan such as:
    • Training 3 days a week
    • You can do a run, or a run/walk for up to 30 minutes, 2 days per week. You can increase this to up to an hour on the weekends.
    • Make sure to rest or cross train on your off days.
    • Run at a conversational pace and take regular walk breaks.

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You can learn how to start running safely and effectively by following our running tips. As you progress in your sport, you can increase your mileage and endurance.

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