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5 Money Goals to Set in Your 20s

5 Money Goals to Set in Your 20s

Personal finances can be overwhelming in your 20s. Most people leave home for college and have a small understanding of money. If you are worried about failing in your money endeavors, set these five goals while you are still young. They will help you start off financially strong.   1 – Work Towards a Positive

Become a Millionaire in Three Simple Steps

You can become a millionaire. It might not happen overnight. However, you can achieve your financial goals without winning the lottery. With enough drive and enough time, your net worth can have seven figures. There are three simple steps that almost every self-made millionaire in the United States has followed. Be Better Than Your Competitors

Why you should check your Social Security Statement

Has it been some time since you’ve reviewed your Social Security Statement? Most people probably haven’t checked the statement in a few years. That’s because the Social Security Administration (SSA) decided to stop sending paper statements in the mail because of budget issues. You can, and should, still check your recorded earnings and potential benefits

College expenses vs. retirement savings

The safety talk before an airplane takes off goes something like this: “If the oxygen masks come down, put yours on first, then assist your child or the person beside you if they need it.” That’s because you’re not going to be much help to anyone if you’re unconscious. The same principle applies with money.

Planning For Success

If your soccer team didn’t have one, they’d always be “wooden spooners”. You wouldn’t go on holiday without having one and you’d never have friends over for a BBQ without one. What are we talking about? A plan, of course! Yet amazingly, when it comes to money, most people don’t have a plan. They make