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gestational diabetes and type 2

The Risk of Gestational Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes Development

The Risk of Gestational Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes Development

How are Gestational Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes Connected? Gestational Diabetes is something that can occur in pregnant women. It commonly develops in women who have not previously had diabetes but have high blood sugar levels during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes and future diabetes risk is a possibility due to changes that your body goes through

hurricane preparedness tips

Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Diabetics

General Hurricane Preparedness List & Diabetes Emergency Survival Kit Depending on where you live in the United States you may run the risk of going through hurricane season. Right now we’re in the peak of hurricane season and people are always looking for hurricane preparedness tips, making sure they’re prepared in case things really get

can lack of sleep cause diabetes

Can Lack of Sleep Cause Diabetes?

Can Not Getting Enough Sleep Really Cause Diabetes? Type 2 diabetes is a condition that many people in the United States knowingly, or unknowingly, suffer from.  Type 2 diabetes is when your body has accumulated too much sugar, also known as glucose, in the blood and has difficulty converting the sugar in the blood to

diabetes wound healing

Why Sleep is So Important to Prevent Diabetes Wound Healing Issues

Diabetes and Wound Healing (and How Sleep Plays a Role) Type 2 diabetes, the most frequently seen form of diabetes, is one of the most common diseases in the United States. When someone is diagnosed with diabetes, it means that their blood sugar levels are two high, ultimately affecting the way the body produces insulin.

Reversing Prediabetes

Health Tips for Reversing Prediabetes

What is Prediabetes? Is Reversing Prediabetes Possible? Prediabetes is a diagnosis that many people in the United States frequently hear. It means that blood sugar levels in the body are high, yet not high enough to be considered type 2 diabetes. The positive side to having prediabetes is that you don’t have type 2 diabetes

diabetes cancer risk

Diabetes Cancer Risk is Real, Higher in Women, Study Shows

Diabetes and Cancer Statistics Unfortunately, the truth behind diabetes cancer risk is not a pretty one.  Studies show that those who have diabetes have a much higher risk of developing cancer, in any form. Diabetes and cancer statistics show that although diabetes can be associated with a high risk of certain cancers, they do show