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diabetes and heart disease

Diabetes and Heart Disease: Ways to Protect Your Heart

Diabetes and Heart Disease: Ways to Protect Your Heart

Learn how to protect yourself when dealing with diabetes and heart disease. With diabetes being a major risk factor for developing cardiovascular disease, it is important for diabetics to learn how they can protect themselves. Statistics from the American Diabetes Association (ADA) reveal that adult diabetics have double the risk of experiencing a stroke or

weight loss surgery

How Weight Loss Surgery May Improve Type 2 Diabetes

What is Weight Loss Surgery? Weight loss surgery options can help individuals lose weight and lower their risk of medical difficulties in the future. Weight loss surgery is something that makes changes to the digestive system to help an individual lose weight. This is done by restricting how much individuals can eat or by reducing

heart health

How a Lack of Exercise Can Lead to Heart Health Issues for Women

Exercise in women is vital to avoiding heart disease. Did you know that heart health is one of the most important factors in lifestyle choices? Cardiovascular disease is one of the main causes of death in women in the United States! Around 400,000 women die yearly from heart disease which is just as high as

prickless glucose monitor

How a Prickless Glucose Monitor May Improve Diabetes Management

Discover why painless may be the way to go with monitoring sugar levels. Since the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first prickless glucose monitor in 2017, the ability to manage diabetes more conveniently and effectively is changing how people monitor diabetes. Diabetes patients rely on knowing their glucose levels for their day-to-day

diabetes in children

Diabetes in Children and Teens: What You Can Say to Help

Learn how talking to your children about diabetes can be beneficial. The number of diabetes in children is growing and many of these youth are experiencing complications that are even faster than what adult’s experience. Not to mention the increasing number of diabetes in children which has grown astronomically in the last 28 years from

What is Glucosamine

What is Glucosamine and How Does it Affect Your Body

Find out the benefits of using glucosamine including joint pain relief To learn about what is glucosamine, it’s important to know it is a naturally occurring compound in your body, but a synthetic form can also be used as a dietary supplement. What is glucosamine’s role in your body is a commonly asked question for

How to Reverse Diabetes

How to Reverse Diabetes: Is it Possible for Type 2?

A healthier diet with less sugar and carbs is one of the keys on how to reverse diabetes Although there are numerous factors as to why someone will develop type 2 diabetes, learning how to reverse diabetes can help negate health complications from the disease. With obesity and overweight being the biggest risk factors for