What is CBD Oil and 5 Things to Know about CBD Oil and Diabetes

cbd oil and diabetes

See if CBD Oil is an effective tool in managing diabetes.

What is CBD Oil? You may notice that it is popping up everywhere, from gas stations to the internet and is becoming a very popular remedy for any type of ailment. CBD Oil is known as Cannabidiol and is one of the compounds found in the cannabis plant. Oftentimes CBD is confused for THC which is Tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the main psychoactive found in cannabis, giving the “high”. This is not found in CBD oil and CBD is not psychoactive.

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CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from the plant known as marijuana and then it is diluted with a type of oil such as coconut or hemp seed. CBD oil is proving to have many health benefits for various types of ailments. Most recently CBD oil and diabetes has become a popular topic of one of the CBD oil benefits.

Here is what we know about CBD oil Benefits:

  • Pain Reliever: Marijuana is known to be a pain reliever and has been working as such for many years. Now that CBD can be extracted many people can enjoy the pain relieving symptoms without the psychoactive effects.
  • Reduces Anxiety and Depression: The normal treatment for anxiety and depression is pharmaceutical medications that can have adverse side effects and can even be addicting. CBD oil benefits both the body and the mind as a treatment for depression and anxiety.
  • Alleviator of Cancer Symptoms: Marijuana is known to help alleviate cancer-related symptoms and the same thing goes for CBD oil. CBD can help alleviate symptoms from treatment such as pain, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Acne: CBD oil can help treat acne because it has anti-inflammatory properties and this new finding is being explored. It can also help control the overproduction of sebum.

Unfortunately research in the field related to CBD is limited because of federal regulations but nonetheless, research is ongoing about its various benefits.

CBD Oil and Diabetes: 5 things to know

There are many claims about how CBD oil has become the miracle remedy but on some fronts, there is a lack of approved research. What we do know is that it is a great pain reliever as well as other symptoms that don’t alter the mind such as some pharmaceutical medications.

  1. Cannabidiol will not get you high, even though it is derived from cannabis.
  2. The FDA has approved the first drug derived from marijuana to help with epilepsy although they haven’t approved anything yet for diabetes.
  3. CBD oil benefits a variety of health conditions and research is continuing to find out which conditions it benefits most.
  4. CBD Oil and Diabetes don’t have a lot of research but many people claim it can help regulate blood sugar levels.
  5. Research on CBD oil benefits show that it can reduce blood sugar some, but overall it doesn’t affect blood sugar levels on a grand scale. It also can help play a role in insulin resistance which is beneficial to diabetics.  Research on CBD oil and diabetes is ongoing.

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What we do know is that CBD can help with secondary effects of having diabetes such as depression, anxiety,  insomnia, and nerve damage. CBD oil can be taken orally in the form of a capsule or a liquid that is placed under the tongue. More and more CBD-infused items are popping up as more benefits and research are emerging. At the end of the day, CBD oil will be beneficial to some more than others and we will know more about it as more research comes out.

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