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smoking and diabetes

Smoking and Diabetes Health Risks

Smoking and Diabetes Health Risks

Learn the risks between smoking and diabetes and why you should take the necessary steps to quit. Smoking and diabetes may not seem like an especially risky combination to some, but it poses serious risks. Smoking is actually one of the top risk factors for diabetes, and the combination of the two can be deadly.

diabetes heart disease and stroke

The Link Between Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke

Understanding the relationship between diabetes heart disease and stroke could be significant in how you take care of your health. When you are struggling with your glucose levels and your insulin sensitivity due to diabetes, you know it is imperative to monitor every other aspect of your health. But, what is the relationship between diabetes

diabetes screening guidelines

Diabetes Screening Guidelines

Following the ADA’s diabetes screening guidelines can be helpful in determining whether or not you are at risk. The possibility of being diagnosed with diabetes can be scary and stressful, especially if you were not even aware of your chances of developing the disease. Whether it is genetics, your current weight or your cardiovascular health,

lower diabetes risk

How Eating Meals Earlier Can Lower Diabetes Risk

Research points out to a new and intriguing fact regarding a lower diabetes risk depending on your meal times Many of us wonder how to prevent diabetes naturally, especially living in a society where fast foods and high fats are available constantly. New scientific research is pointing out the possibility to lower diabetes risk depending