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foot care for diabetics

Proper Foot Care for Diabetics

Proper Foot Care for Diabetics

Practicing proper foot care for diabetics is so important – here are the facts. Anyone who has diabetes should know about diabetic foot care. Diabetes can affect the feet in many ways, and can cause devastating health consequences. To assist you in avoiding serious problems, we will discuss some of the facts about foot care

how to monitor blood sugar

Different Ways How to Monitor Blood Sugar

Wondering what the options are for monitoring your blood sugar? Keep reading to learn more! Knowing and understanding how to monitor blood sugar, especially at home, is crucial to your health. With the way that technology is changing, the various ways how to check blood sugar at home, and in general, is becoming easier and

type 2 diabetes complications

Type 2 Diabetes Complications

Learn how to identify – and avoid – these diabetes type 2 complications. Type 2 diabetes is a chronic medical disorder that causes the sugar levels in the blood to rise higher than normal. High blood sugar levels can affect the body in many ways, causing adverse type 2 diabetes complications. If you have diabetes type 2, it is important that you