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veggie noodle recipes

5 Delicious Veggie Noodle Recipes

5 Delicious Veggie Noodle Recipes

New pasta tricks to satisfy your cravings and still keep you on track? That is exactly what these veggie noodle recipes have to offer! Who wouldn’t think of pasta when day dreaming about comfort food? But if you live with diabetes, odds are that you think twice before succumbing to that desire. Try using these

type 2 diabetes

New Diabetes Report Advises Type 2 Diabetes Sufferers to Cut Down on Meds

If you suffer from type 2 diabetes and are currently on meds to lower your A1C, keep reading! A new report from the American College of Physicians is challenging accepted diabetes treatment by advising those with type 2 diabetes to basically not fret so much about their A1C levels. The report states that those patients

diabetes foot care

The Importance of Diabetes Foot Care

These helpful tips and tricks for diabetes foot care can help prevent complications that may develop into risky health situations. While living with diabetes is super manageable, it is important to remember that this disease is one that could come with many complications if not handled properly. The possibility of nerve damage, circulation problems and

complications of diabetes type 2

Complications of Diabetes Type 2

Taking care of yourself and adjusting your lifestyle are key factors in preventing complications of diabetes type 2 You have been diagnosed and you have been informed about the possible risk factors that could arise once you develop diabetes. Adjusting the way you eat, your level of activity, your general lifestyle and the way you

natural diabetes treatment

Alternative and Natural Diabetes Treatment

Learn more about available natural diabetes treatment options and how you can improve your health starting today! While it is highly recommended to start a diabetes treatment with the support and guidance of your Doctor and Specialist, it is good to have the option of supplementing it with a more natural alternative. Natural diabetes treatment