What is the Dexcom Glucose Monitor?

dexcom glucose monitor

Continuous Glucose Monitors like the Dexcom monitor can give more freedom to diabetics.

If you’re unaware of the latest technology related to continuous glucose monitoring, you’re in for a treat! As technology grows, continuous glucose monitoring becomes easier allowing those who have diabetes to track blood sugar levels throughout the day and night. Meters such as the Dexcom glucose monitor can allow an individual to see their blood sugar level at any time while also easily being able to track how blood sugar levels change throughout the day.

The beauty of continuous glucose monitoring is that individuals are able to make decisions quickly throughout the day after reading their monitor, allowing for a balance in food, activity and medicine.

A device like the Dexcom continuous glucose monitor works by placing a patch on the abdomen with a small wire that continuously monitors blood sugar levels through the interstitial fluid under the skin. Within the small patch there is a transmitter that allows the patch to send data, frequently, to a receiver or a smartphone app.

Continue reading to learn about how to use the Dexcom glucose monitor and why continuous glucose monitoring may be right for you.

Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor

The best part about the Dexcom continuous glucose monitor is that it eliminates finger pricking. Although the sensor application does involve reading through the fluid under the skin. When it comes to attaching the transmitter to the skin, it’s as simple as pressing the applicator with the patch onto to the skin and push the orange button. Once the button has been pushed, lift the applicator and the patch should be ready to roll. ​

The new and improved Dexcom glucose monitor works on a CGM system and easily connects to an app that can be downloaded to your phone. A CGM system means that it has a sensor, as stated above, that is attached to the stomach with a small, hair sized, wire that painlessly monitors the blood sugar levels in the body.

The sensor transmits information to the meter or the app every 5 minutes making continuous monitoring easy. Another feature of the Dexcom glucose monitor is that the sensor can last for 10 days, which is three days longer than the previous monitor. This sensor has a membrane that is a blocker of the measurements of blood sugar because of the use of acetaminophen. That is because acetaminophen has been shown to produce false high blood sugar readings, and because of this new feature, users can take the medicine without worrying about how it may show the blood sugar levels.

The App for the Dexcom Glucose Monitor

It’s pretty incredible when you can monitor your blood sugar levels, continuously, from your phone. The Dexcom system allows those who need to use it to download an app for iOS or Android. This app then pairs with the transmitter, through Bluetooth, and automatically transmits data about blood sugar levels to the phone. This same data can also be shown on the Apple Watch App and can be shared with others, including your doctor.

If you’re someone who isn’t a fan of using apps, the Dexcom Glucose Monitor also has a receiver that can be used to display blood sugar level readings from the transmitter attached to the body. This receiver can be used instead of the app but is still high tech. It’s a touch screen that is device that is smaller than a smart phone with one button that gives it power. It does need to be charged to work continuously but the battery life lasts for around two days.

If you’re a diabetic and interested in the new Dexcom continuous glucose monitor, speak to your doctor about your options and see if this could be the right device for you.

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