5 Tips for Back Pain Relief at Home

tips for back pain relief at home

You can alleviate your discomfort using these healthy tips for back pain relief at home. No equipment necessary!

As much as we hate to admit it, we rarely stop to think about our back health. Bad posture, strenuous workouts, standing for too long… These are just some of the things that we subject our spine on a daily basis. What if you could use some tips for back pain relief at home to give your spine a much needed break after a long day?

Many patients that struggle with lower back pain or severe spine discomfort wonder how to cure back pain naturally without having to rely on harmful medication or even surgery. It turns out that, there are in fact many things you can do right in the comfort of your home to alleviate your situation.

There are many back pain relief exercises that are available on line and in many health magazines, which promote an understanding of how to release all the tension that our spine accumulates during our hectic days.

Releasing that pressure promotes a better posture and, of course, alleviates the pain. Relying on certain things such as ergonomics, back exercises and massage therapy – just to name a few – can make a huge difference in how you feel, in a short amount of time.

Some of the best tips for back pain relief at home have a lot to do with what you eat, getting a good rest and allowing your body to decompress. These are simple tasks that won’t require any additional equipment.

Eat Right

To start, if you want to know how to cure back pain naturally, take a good look at what you eat. Your diet is just as important because it has a cumulative effect on your health. Excessive weight, osteoporosis, arthritis, chronic pain, etc. are all factors that arise from bad eating habits. A good, balanced meal will promote a healthy weight, while keeping your overall health in a good track.

Exercises for Back Pain

Back pain relief exercises should also be part of your weekly routine. It has been proven that doing these at least three times per week will promote stronger abdominal and back muscles, which will improve your flexibility, resistance and will actually reduce your back pain.

Heat and Massage

Other great tips for back pain relief at home include massage therapy and the use of a heating pad.

With massages you can not only work directly on the sore muscle, but you actually promote the release of endorphins (happy-feel-good hormone), reactive a healthier blood flow and speed up the healing process.

The heating pad is a perfect tool to alleviate pain, since heat warms up your muscles and nerves, helps release the accumulated tension and prevent muscle spasms from happening.

Just in that same way, a hot bath is another great tip to alleviate back pain right at home. The warmth and the steam promote a better blood flow while releasing the tightness of your muscles. Include a a massage shower head for a speedier recovery.

Stretching and Low Impact Exercises

If you enjoy low-impact exercises, yoga and pilates may be perfect for you. These are aimed at improving your resistance and flexibility, while strengthening your core muscles. The result of a stronger core, is one that is pain-free.

And if you are a fan of being in the water, tips for back pain relief at home include taking a dip on your pool. The buoyancy of the water allows you to feel and be lighter while you exercise. Water therapy is a great resource for those trying to alleviate back pain, but also any pain on their extremities.


Finally, don’t forget to rest. Whether you decide to try a different sleeping position, change your mattress or your pillow, providing your body with the necessary rest will only have a positive impact. Get enough hours of sleep, keep your room at a comfortable temperature and relax… Your back will thank you for it.






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