5 ways to free your mind of “clutter”

Houses aren’t the only things that may need a spring cleaning. Our minds can find themselves in the same condition.

If you’ve collected a mess of old hurts that are getting in your way and habits that no longer work, do a thorough cleaning and clear out stuff to make space for new and healthier opportunities and challenges.

  1. Throw out bad feelings. Get rid of anger, bitterness, jealousy, and self-doubt. Choose to let go of those unnecessary burdens.
  2. Put a stain remover on gossip and lies. Be sure to protect your mind and mouth from future spills. Whenever you feel the pressure to say something harsh, the best pressure to feel is the pressure between your upper and lower lips.
  3. Scrub away procrastination. If you have something you need or want to do, then do it already. Putting things off can lead to frustration and a feeling of being unproductive.
  4. Put on a fresh coat of positive attitude. Count your blessings whenever your spirit starts to fade, and share your love, help, concern, and care with others as much as possible.
  5. Open the windows of your mind. See and do things in a new light. Add new habits and interests that challenge your mind in different ways.
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