HIIT Benefits Explained

hiit benefits

Interested in high intensity interval training? Find out why HIIT benefits may be what you are looking for in your workout regime.

If you have jumped on the “healthy journey” bandwagon, chances are you have heard a few things about HIIT benefits. But, is it really for you? What are the ways in which this technique can help you achieve your fitness goals?

HIIT, short for high-intensity interval training, is a technique the combines short periods of intense exercise (between 1o to 30 minutes) with low intensity recovery periods.

In many ways, HIIT exercises fit perfectly with those that are seeking a healthy lifestyle, but often have a busy schedule that otherwise compromises their work-out times. This is the perfect way to add a fast-paced exercise program in a short period of time, yet obtain amazing results.

So, what are the many HIIT benefits that people talk about? And what is the real difference between HIIT vs Cardio?

For many fitness aficionados the HIIT vs Cardio topic can be confusing, because truth is that, high intensity interval training is indeed a form of cardiovascular performance, just done in a shorter amount of time, under a faster pace and with a higher impact on your respiratory system.

With that said, Cardio is still a preferred method for long-term fitness practitioners and those who actually have more time in their busy days to fit a more complete, varied or complex routine.

Research has shown that both of these methods have indeed many “afterburn” benefits. Meaning that both techniques engage the body in a calorie-burning cycle for up to 21 hours after they have been practiced. Fascinating isn’t it?

But, what are the high intensity interval training benefits and is that method for everyone? For those wondering whether or not they should try the technique, HIIT is beneficial for beginners and experts alike, and it is normal to experience a slower-pace at the beginning, while your cardiovascular system catches up.

So, if you decide to start practicing HIIT training, these are the results you may expect to see within a short period of time:

Time efficient

Although we’ve discussed this above, one of the main things why people turn to HIIT exercises is because of the short period of time that is required to perform the technique. Spending 10 to 30 minutes on a stationary bicycle, versus an hour or more in a fitness studio to burn the same amount of calories is sometimes more appealing to those with a hectic schedule. No more excuses to not work out!

You don’t really need equipment

High intensity interval training can be as easy as running on a medium-pace for 3-4 minutes and then sprinting to your highest speed for 30 to 45 seconds. Getting your heart rate pumping is the goal of this technique.

You keep your muscles, but lose the fat

Something that is definitely included in the HIIT benefits is how it resembles weight training in keeping your physique toned and not losing muscle mass, but burning the stored fat – even after you’ve stopped training.

It pumps up your metabolism

In addition to keeping your muscles and losing your fat, this method allows your human growth hormone (HGH) to increase for a period of up to 24 hours after working out.

You will have better endurance

HIIT training works with the cellular structure of your muscles, promoting a better endurance while you perform any type of exercise you enjoy.

It promotes a healthy heart

Since it is an intense workout that triggers your cardiovascular system into action, your heart benefits from the changes in rate and the amount of blood flow that runs through your vessels and your body.

Taking advantage of these HIIT benefits is easy, since the technique allows you to practice it anywhere, at any given time. Now you don’t have to keep postponing your health journey for lack of time.








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