Will the Apple Diabetes Monitor Pan Out?

Apple Diabetes Monitor

Find out if (and how) the Apple Diabetes Monitor will change the way things are done…

Rumors are swirling around a non-invasive Apple diabetes monitor that could be a significant breakthrough for people with diabetes. Although it is still in a development mode, the Apple diabetes monitor is already being referred to as the “holy grail” for diabetes management. Apple’s glucose monitoring watch, if it pans out, promise to provide fast and effortless blood sugar information at a glance without the need to puncture the skin.   

One of the essential “to dos” of keeping diabetes in check, is monitoring blood sugar levels. Dips and spikes in blood sugar levels can have immediate consequences and increase the risk of other life threatening medical problems such as a stroke, heart and kidney disease among others. The new Apple Diabetes Monitor would be a modern take on conventional needle pricking tracking techniques.  And yes, DexCom’s Continuous Glucose Monitory system (CGM) has been revolutionary for many people with diabetes. But the CGM also requires breaking the skin for the insertion of a tiny sensor and two small wires to provide blood sugar readings.  Nevertheless, some consumers who use it say that they could not go back to the inconvenience of piercing the skin and using a paper blotter to check glucose levels. One CGM user claim that using the DexCom CGM changed the management of his diabetes for the better. That is not surprising because as Apple CEO Tim Cook stated, “It’s mentally anguishing to stick yourself many times a day to check your blood sugar.”

So, it may be safe to believe that as more consumers transition to these minimally invasive technologies, a non-invasive product that works, such as the Apple Diabetic Monitor, will be a natural progression. However, whether or not Apple will succeed in bringing this product to market is still dubious.  People in the diabetes research arena say what Apple is trying to do is extremely difficult.  According to Michael Weinstein of JPMorgan, “scientists have been trying to develop noninvasive impedance sensors for years. It is very challenging to track glucose levels accurately without piercing the skin” he said. He also noted that other life science companies have invested millions into this type of research and failed.

Apple Diabetes Research

The good news for Apple is that this is not their first foray into leveraging the power of technology for health reasons.  Tim Cook also indicated in a blog post that transforming medicine is a target at Apple. The company has been working with the National Institute of Health and various other Universities and medical research entities to bring innovative products to market.  In fact, Apple pioneered both the ResearchKit and CareKit. This represented a bold step toward expanding research parameters and developing applications that provide better tools to manage chronic conditions such as drug addiction and diabetes.

What is the Apple Diabetes Monitor?

The Apple Diabetes Monitor was reportedly the brainchild of Apple Founder Steve Jobs. It is believed that before his death, Jobs spearheaded this innovative glucose tracking initiative.  The aim; according to one report, is to develop sensors that can non-invasively and continuously monitor blood sugar levels. This, according to a CNBC report, suggest the development of optical sensors, which involves shining a light through the skin to measure indications of glucose.

The product also promise that users will have almost instant insight into the effects of the food they are eating. By understanding what cause sugar levels to dip or spike it will be much easier to make adjustments.  This could also give people who are pre-diabetic an important tool to help them avoid becoming diabetic. The major selling points behind the Apple Diabetes Monitor is that it will not only function as a diabetes watch, but also as an overall health and fitness as well as a smartwatch.  However, the most important goal of the Apple Diabetes monitor is to ease the glucose tracking process and provide more frequent and accurate readings.

Recently, Cook was reportedly spotted wearing what was perceived as a prototype of the Apple glucose monitoring watch. Many see this as evidence that the project is moving along.  The launch of this non-invasive glucose monitoring watch, according to a CNBC report, would be a major breakthrough for life sciences and a “must have” device for millions of people with diabetes.” The vital need for continuous tracking of blood sugar levels, especially for people with type 1 diabetes, will no doubt continue to fuel exploration of more effective ways to monitor blood sugar levels.  Hope is also mounting that this product will be successful.





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