Can Diabetics Eat Chocolate?

can diabetics eat chocolate

Can diabetics eat chocolate? Learn why this rich treat is not only permitted, but actually has a number of benefits to improve your diabetes management plan!

Who does not love chocolate? Whether is dark, rich, creamy or with a crunch, the fan base for this delicious treat is an unbeatable one. But, can diabetics eat chocolate? Managing your disease does not mean that you have to ban this gift from the Gods from your life! 

While it is important to understand how diabetes management works, it is also a key factor the different ways through which you can balance your diet with exercise and your medication intake.

Thankfully, medical research has shown that including diabetic desserts on your life is a good way to maintain that healthy level of good nutrition but still satisfying your sweet tooth, even if it’s moderately.

The old myth that gave us the question can diabetics eat chocolate finally gets the right answer, and one that is positive in may ways.

In short terms, yes, diabetics can actually enjoy a chocolate-y treat every now and then, and can include it as part of their lives as long as they stick to a neat rule: dark chocolate is your allied (sorry milk-chocolate fans!).

Why can diabetics eat chocolate but should stick to the dark kind? Well, dark chocolate contains a higher percentage of cocoa, it has no milk and contains lower levels of sugar.

As if that wasn’t enough, it has been discovered that dark chocolate is a powerful antioxidant, it helps lower blood pressure, it improves insulin sensitivity (thus, helping with blood glucose control) and helps blood vessels relax and open up, promoting better blood circulation.

With all these added benefits, it was only logical that Nutritionists, Diabetic Specialists and Dietitians alike agreed that including diabetic desserts as part of a management plan for patients dealing with diabetes, was a natural and healthy step.

There are many diabetic chocolate recipes that you can use as part of your meal plan. The important thing when choosing what type is best for you is always sticking to dark chocolate, that means anything that contains 50% or more cocoa and the lowest amount of sugar.

Now, while there are so many delicious diabetic chocolate recipes out there, the main factor when consuming it is portion control. Moderation is key for people managing their diabetes and including dessert as part of their meals.

This means that, no it will never be okay to have dessert after every single meal, but rather it allows for you to still be able to enjoy every now and then without compromising your health, putting your glucose levels through the roof, or making yourself sick.

If you feel like trying some of the best diabetic chocolate recipes, we’ve found some that will sure become part of your regular repertoire:

  • Chocolate Chunk Cherry Cookies: a chocolate lover’s delight without the guilt. Decadent cookies filled with dark chocolate, chopped cherries and chopped nuts. What’s not to like?
  • Peanut Butter Swirl Chocolate Brownies: with a perfect combination of flavors and the many flour-substitutes available these is one decadent
  • Mocha Angel Cake with Chai-Spiced Cream: a flavorful yet light dessert that combines delicious spices and a rich mocha flavor that comes from espresso powder? Yes, please!
  • Black Forest Trifle: this is one dessert that will remind you of your childhood. With fluffy, moist layers of cake, a luscious cream and freshly cooked cherries, no one will ever guess this is sugar-free and low-fat.
  • No-Bake Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake: a treat that is both super easy to make and extravagantly delicious? This cheesecake is creamy and aromatic without being too heavy.
  • Banana-Brownie Skillet: what can be better than your favorite fruit enhanced by dark chocolate? This skillet is not only diabetic-friendly, but it can be taken on the go and even topped with your favorite frozen yogurt.
  • Rocky Road Parfaits: the combination of pudding and light whipped cream makes these parfaits just perfect for hot, sunny days. Top it with some walnuts or shaved almonds for a crunch.


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