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ginger health benefits

Ginger Health Benefits

Ginger Health Benefits

7 Juicy Ways Ginger Helps Your Health and Well-Being Most people know ginger as a spicy ingredient for cooking, whether that’s in cakes, cookies, or Asian cuisines. However, there’s much more to this warming root than its delicious flavor. Whether you take it fresh, juiced, powdered, or in supplement form, there are many powerful ginger

healthy spring recipes

Healthy Spring Recipes

Embrace yummy seasonal ingredients and flavors with these healthy spring recipes! Spring is here, which means it’s time to start putting the spring fresh produce to use, especially the seasonal vegetables. Healthy spring recipes are easy to come by but knowing which types of foods are seasonal to spring can be more complicated. Here we’re

health benefits of dark chocolate

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

It sounds too good to be true, but dark chocolate does indeed bring health benefits! Who doesn’t love chocolate? It dates back to 2000 B.C coming from the Mayans. Dark chocolate is nutritious, high in antioxidants and contains flavanols which can help protect the heart. The highest content of flavanols are found in dark chocolate,

health benefits of avocado

Health Benefits of Avocado 

Not sure what healthy food to eat? Learn about the amazing health benefits of avocado.  The avocado is a popular fruit that is enjoyed by many people, not only for its great taste and texture, but also for its many nutritional properties. The avocado tree, Persea Americana, is thought to have originated in Mexico, Central America and grows in warm climates. The health benefits of avocado offer

weight loss tips

3 Simple Weight Loss Tips for Summer

These simple weight loss tips can help you shed those extra pounds before the summer season starts. If your goal is to shed a few pounds before summer arrives, there are things you can do to make this happen. You may have habits that are hindering your ability to lose weight. Here are three weight

what happens if you eat too much salt

What Happens if You Eat Too Much Salt?

What are the risks of eating too much salt? Is salt a staple part of your meals? For many people the answer is yes, and if it’s not, you’re probably still eating more sodium than you realize. Sodium is needed to keep your body functioning the correct way, by regulating blood flow, blood pressure, digestion