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Nasal Polyps

Clinical Definition

Nasal polyps are small growths of inflamed tissue that are noncancerous and can develop on the nasal mucosa or paranasal sinuses. They are associated with prolonged inflammation of the nasal passages or sinuses from conditions such as chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and asthma. If nasal polyps become too large, they can obstruct the nasal passages, which requires treatment.

In Our Own Words

Nasal polyps are small growths in the sinuses or the lining of the nose. They are not cancerous, and don’t spread to other areas of the body. Doctors don’t know why some people get them, but they are associated with allergies and sinus infections, so chronic inflammation may play a role.

Nasal polyps can be various sizes and shapes. Corticosteroid nasal spray is a can help shrink polyps and reduce inflammation.  In some instances, nasal polyps can continue to grow until they interfere with breathing and need to be removed.

Symptoms and Side Effects

  • Trouble breathing through the nose
  • Decreased sense of taste of smell
  • Snoring
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