8 Foods That Need to Be on a Diabetics Shopping List

Foods That Need to Be on a Diabetics Shopping List

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When you or someone you love is diagnosed with diabetes, one of the questions you might have may revolve around diet. Understanding the impact your diet has on the disease is crucial when living with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. The bulk of a diabetic’s diet should revolve around fresh vegetables and fruits, lean meats and whole grains. While no one food is completely off limits, patients should try to keep in mind that certain foods should only be eaten in small quantities and not on a daily basis. Learning more about food planning and foods that need to be on a diabetic grocery list can also help you better control your blood sugar. To help you with food planning, let’s take a closer look at the top 8 foods that should be on a diabetic shopping list:

  1. Flaxseeds – Flaxseeds are an incredible source of antioxidants known as lignans, and contain both insoluble and soluble fiber. Plus, the National Institutes of Health believe flaxseed could help lower A1C levels in people with Type 2 diabetes!
  2. Tomatoes – Tomatoes are great to add to a diabetic grocery list because they contain lycopene and help combat inflammation. Plus, they are considered a “nonstarchy” vegetable.
  3. Oatmeal – Steel cut and slow-cook oatmeal are terrific breakfast options and much healthier than sugar-loaded cereals, or heavy carb options such as bagels and rolls. Keep in mind that old-fashioned and steel cut oats are actually lower glycemic foods, but instant oatmeal can have added sugar and cause blood sugar to spike quickly.
  4. Spinach – This is a great addition to any diet because it contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Plus, the American Diabetes Association’s recent study shared that people who include dark leafy greens into their diet can reduce their chance of getting Type 2 diabetes by up to 14 percent.
  5. Nuts – Want to add a food item to your diet that has omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, plant sterols, vitamin E and more? Nuts are the perfect addition for you. And, many studies are showing that nuts may actually help Type 2 diabetics better control their blood sugar.
  6. Yogurt – Yogurt is famous for its probiotic content and impact on gut health and immune function, and it falls on the proper food for diabetics list. Plus, if you are prediabetic, keep in mind that studies in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition are showing yogurt and cheese consumption may help prevent Type 2 diabetes.
  7. Broccoli – Another ideal nonstarchy vegetable option, eating broccoli raw or steamed can help you take advantage of its nutrients, antioxidants and glucosinolates.
  8. Raspberries – Considered a diabetic superfood, according to the American Diabetic Association, black, gold and red raspberries can provide you with an abundance of vitamin C and fiber!

While there are so many healthy food choices to add to your diabetic grocery list, these are a few options when beginning your food-planning journey. To learn more about proper foods for diabetics, visit www.BetterHealthKare.com

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