High Vet Bills? What You Need to Know

It is easy to get discouraged and upset when you are slammed with a $300 vet bill after your furry friend needed some help. Before you blame your veterinarian for charging you to fix a broken limb or an ear infection, it is important to know a few things that your vet probably has not told you.

Your Veterinarian Knows His or Her Stuff
Your vet actually had to go to school for as long as your general practitioner. Additionally, it is even more difficult to get into veterinary school than it is to get into medical school. After schooling and residencies, it is not uncommon for your vet to have invested in 10 or 12 years of post-high school education. Veterinarians have to be extraordinarily knowledgeable about general science and medicine. Loving animals is only one small prerequisite for the challenging job.

Your Veterinarian Is Not Living Large
Most vets get into animal medicine because they love it. Veterinary salaries are typically not stellar. In fact, equine vets in rural areas can make as little as $35,000 per year. The average salary for a small animal vet in private practice is a decent $50,000 per year. Veterinarians have a true love of animals and the field. The $60 lab test your vet recommended is probably not going to fund his or her new yacht or private mansion.

Your Veterinarian Wants to Help You and Your Pet
One of the biggest challenges for vets is educating pet owners. It is highly likely that your veterinarian would love to find a way to help you pay for healthcare for your pet. There are various options for pet insurance and different payment plans. After all, veterinarians go into the job knowing that they should not expect high salaries.

Get Rid of the Stereotype of the Crooked and Greedy Veterinarian
Veterinarians have almost unparalleled compassion for pets and pet owners. Instead of scoffing at vet bills, talk to your veterinarian, and work together to make sure your furry friend has a happy and healthy life.

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