Homeopathic Pain Relief

homeopathic pain relief

Homeopathic Pain Relief: What is it and how does it help?

Many people do not enjoy taking pain relievers for various reasons. Maybe there’s a fear that tolerance will be built up or that they can harm you in the long run. Today we’re going to talk about homeopathic pain relief.

Homeopathy or Homeopathic medicine is a type of medicine that follows a holistic, natural approach of treatment for those who are in pain. It is called homeopathy because it doesn’t just treat the part that is sick, but instead it treats the body as a whole.

The American Institute of Homeopathy states that their natural chronic pain relief is:

  • A holistic natural safe system of medicine
  • a way to stimulate the person’s own healing power
  • practiced all over the world
  • in no way an interaction with conventional drugs
  • recognized by the FDA

Continue reading to learn about how homeopathic medicine can show you natural muscle pain relief and also how to find natural pain relief after surgery.

Natural Muscle Pain Relief

A common homeopathic pain relief medication is called Arnicare. Arnicare is both a topical ointment as well as a tablet. These tables are made from arnica montana which is Latin for perennial. This specific perennial grows tall, around 2 feet with yellow flowers. Arnicare has three types of tablets for muscle pain relief and they are:

  • Arnicare Tablets – non- drowsy tablets that aid in the temporary pain relief of muscles. They also help with muscle stiffness and swelling as well as bruises.
  • Arnicare Leg Cramp Tablets – non-drowsy tablets that are chewable and help relieve both day and night leg cramps. These chewable tablets also help with spasms in calves, legs, arms and overexerted muscles.
  • Arnicare Arthritis – non-drowsy tablets that help relieve pain related to arthritis.

And the list continues. Arincare offers other types of natural muscle pain relief made from arnica montana. These other types of homeopathic pain relief include:

  • Arnicare Gel – absorbing gel that can be used on sore muscles, stiff muscles, swelling and bruises.
  • Arinicare Cream – this soothing cream is great for sore muscle massages. It relieves muscle pain, stiffness, sore muscles from overexertion as well as relieves swelling and pain.
  • Arnicare Ointment – this is a longer lasting pain reliever that you can put on your stuff and sore muscles. This also helps with swelling.
  • Arnicare FootCare- This cream has no scent and is recommended to use on sore feet. It can be used as a massage cream to help sore muscles as well as swelling.
  • Arnicare Roll-On- has the same great qualities as the other creams and gels but is in a roll-on bottle making it mess and clean up free.

It’s possible that you suffer from chronic sore muscles and stiffness. Using Arnicare as a homeopathic and natural chronic pain relief will treat your symptoms. Follow the instructions when it comes to usage and dosage to make sure that you don’t over-do it.

Natural Pain Relief After Surgery

The University of Michigan Heath System developed a list of remedy options for natural pain relief after surgery. The primary remedies that they listed are:

  • Arnica Montana – As listed above, this homeopathic pain reliever helps with pain, swelling and bruising.
  • Bellis Perennis – This homeopathic pain reliever helps damaged internal tissues especially if there is a cold feeling in specific areas that have been operated on.
  • Hypercum Perfoatum – This homeopathic pain reliever tends to follow nerve pathways helping with pain
  • Phosphorus – Using phosphorus can be helpful for those who have been under anesthesia. Although this specific remedy may have side effects.
  • Staphysagria – Helps with the itchiness around surgical areas.

If you choose to use homeopathic pain relievers, speaking with a professional about your options is always recommended.






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