How to Better Manage Diabetes Naturally

How to Better Manage Diabetes Naturally

Wondering how to better manage diabetes naturally?

Any time a patient is told they have diabetes, the diagnosis can be somewhat overwhelming. There are typically many questions, and for some, the diagnosis may come as a surprise through blood work even though symptoms weren’t necessarily being felt. Whether you have family members with the disease or if the illness came out of left field, it is common to ask how to control diabetes naturally. When implementing the following tips for managing diabetes, remember to keep a positive outlook about your health and to not be overcome by the initial diagnosis. You will most likely read a lot of material and be given diabetes medication, and over time you will become more comfortable with the treatment that revolves around the disease. For now, let’s take a closer look at how to better manage diabetes naturally:

  1. Be Involved in Your Care – The key to good health with diabetes is being on top of your care daily. Take an active role in your medical care by seeing the doctor regularly, asking questions, understanding how the disease process works, what each medication does, and what your A1C levels are over time.
  2. Be Cognizant of Your Weight – Being overweight can have an impact on the disease. Often times, people with diabetes can see an improvement in their blood sugar by losing weight. While it won’t cure people who have Type 2 diabetes, what weight loss may do is help patients decrease their medication amount.
  3. Build a Support Team – Keeping a positive mindset about your health and any health goals can be fueled when you have a solid support team. This team may include your physician, diabetes educators, support groups, your pharmacist, family members, and other patients who are willing to share their story.
  4. Consider Your Diet – One of the top tips for managing diabetes is focusing on your diet each day. There are many lists of foods to include and foods to avoid when diagnosed with diabetes. While these can help with your grocery shopping and meal prep, it is important to keep in mind that no one food is completely off limits. The goal should be to watch the amount of these foods you are consuming and how often you are eating them.
    Also, learn how to count carbohydrates, and limit foods that are fried or contain trans fats. Be sure to include whole grains, vegetables, and certain fruits and nuts in your diet.
  5. Exercise – Exercise is great for the body and for a variety of reasons such as decreasing blood pressure and improving heart health, in addition to helping insulin work better in the body. Try to stay active several times a week for at least 30 minutes, and choose an exercise that interests you. Also, consider finding an exercise buddy who can help you stay on track and keep you engaged in working out.
  6. Learn Stress Management Techniques – While many people are aware of the fact that stress can increase blood pressure, it can also increase blood glucose. Research different stress management techniques such as meditation, yoga, jogging/walking, taking up a new hobby, engaging in breathing exercises, stretching, Qigong, etc.

In addition to the six tips for managing diabetes mentioned above, a physician or nutritionist may have other suggestions such as supplements, herbal remedies, etc. Find more information on diabetes, diets, and how to travel with your medication on



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