How to Manage Your Anger

Anger is a perfectly natural emotion, but it can lead to harm when things go too far. You may not always be able to control a bad situation or the way that it makes you feel, but you can control your response. In the long run, simmering anger that isn’t dealt with can damage your physical health, mental peace, and negatively impact relationships.

Venting your anger with outbursts will not help you. By feeding into a negative emotion, you just make things worse. It takes some effort to develop more constructive methods for resolving situations. You may not always win in life, but you can face your difficulties with peace and control.

Identify your triggers

Some things just bother you. Anger can be triggered by memories or similar events. The thing that is making you angry usually has little to do with the actual situation you are in. When you feel negative emotions building, take a moment to consider their true causes, and be honest with yourself. Understanding what makes you angry is the first step in dealing with your emotions.


Many of the calming techniques that people use are intended to give you a chance to refocus your energy. Deep breathing, counting to three, and redirecting your thoughts to more positive influences can help in a moment of frustration. For the long term, find ways to reduce stress. Get involved with physical exercises, yoga, or other relaxing activities like painting or reading.

Slow Things Down

Angry people tend to jump to conclusion, and they act on them as well. You need time to slow things down and think. You should avoid impulsive actions as much as possible. Take the time to think about what you are going to say and do beforehand.

Better Communication

Find ways to communicate your feels to others. It is also important to take the time to understand how others may view your reactions. Communicating is about more than just words you speak. Your body language and the intensity of your voice send messages about your emotional state.

Cognitive restructuring

Change the way that you think. Your internal monologue has an influence on your emotions. A negative vocabulary reinforces your negative state of mind. Instead of dwelling on an expletive riddled turn of phrase, avoid cursing altogether. Use only positive language and avoid words like “never” and “always.”

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