March Madness Fitness Challenge

march madness fitness challenge

Are you ready to get back in shape? The March Madness Fitness Challenge is here to help you achieve the body you want while keeping you entertained!

With warmer temperatures fast approaching and bikini season almost in sight, everyone is gearing up to jumpstart their workout routine. You can do it to, and most importantly, you don’t even need a gym membership! Daily Burn’s March Madness Fitness Challenge follows your favorite games while you get fit.

If you are an avid sports fan then you already know what the NCAA brings this coming March, but instead of watching all of the games while indulging in drinks and fast-foods (chicken wings and a beer or two, right?!) why don’t you take a few of those to work on yourself?

Getting fit with easy workouts at home does not have to be boring either. Watching the games with friends and family members is always packed with laughter and good fun. Now, just imagine how much more you can get from it if you can make it a little bit more challenging for everyone involved.

Many people imagine that at home workouts without equipment are tedious and won’t bring the desired results, but truth is, whatever activity you choose to do has the capacity of changing your body (and the way you feel!) as long as you stick to it.

Part of the Daily Burn’s March Madness Fitness Challenge is adding one exercise for every pointer or move that is happening within the game you are watching. Intrigued yet?

The great thing about these routines is that they are not complicated, and if you want to really keep your body pumping, you can change it around depending on the game and your partners’ ability, making these easy workouts at home all the more interesting.

As part of the original March madness fitness challenge, the primary workout guide includes the following exercise movements per each pointer:

  • 3-Pointer = 3 Squats
  • Dunk = 2 Tuck Jumps
  • Made Free Throw = 1 Curtsy Lunge
  • Missed Free Throw = 1 Push-Up
  • Turnover = 2 Russian Twists
  • Personal Foul = 2 Front Jabs
  • Offensive Foul = 2 Front Kicks
  • Traveling = 10 Sec Fast Feet
  • Shot Clock Violation = 5 Jumping Jacks
  • And 1 = 3 Mountain Climbers
  • Injury = 30 Sec Plank
  • Buzzer Beater = 5 Star Jumps
  • Upset Victory = 1 Min Burpees

If you are still hesitant about at home workouts without equipment, remember that you can always include free weights, a jump-rope, a quick jog, etc. to keep your heart pumping and your blood flowing non-stop while obtaining amazing benefits.

This type of challenge is not only inspiring you to have a good sweat session while you follow your favorite athletes from the comfort of your home, but it will provide a refreshing change to the bar routine you have come to know.

Another awesome factor about the March madness fitness challenge is that you can adjust it to any type of sport you are a fan of, inviting your friends and family to participate in an activity that can be beneficial from everyone at home!

Furthermore, there are many exercises you can use to alternate the routine, for example:

  • Backward Lunges
  • Knee Tuck Jumps
  • Forward Bounds
  • Commandos
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Leg Rises
  • Crunches
  • Bulgarian Split Squat
  • Twisted Mountain Climbers
  • Leaning Camel
  • Plank and Rotate

And these are just a few examples of all the combinations you can make as part of the challenge while you enjoy your favorite sport competition.

Before you start, however, it is important to take into consideration your current activity level (and your partners’) before you begin with the harder sets since you want to prevent any sprain or injury that may result from a bad movement.

The idea is to include new levels of fun to your routine, especially ones that benefits your health and will help you real your body goals in no time!


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