Running With Kids – Keeping it Fun

Training for and participating in fun runs and walks (usually a distance of five kilometers or approximately three miles) can be a great family fitness activity. Parents serve as good role models while kids learn that physical activity can be a fun and rewarding social outlet.

To keep it fun:

  • Walk or run at your child’s pace — don’t worry about the time.
  • Let your child take a walking break if he or she needs it.
  • Start out slowly and remember that “easy does it.”
  • Talk to your child throughout the run or walk and continually offer praise.
  • Frequently ask your child questions like: How are your legs doing? How are you feeling? Is this pace right for you?
  • Teach your child to save some energy for a “kick” when you cross the finish line.
  • Give your child a big hug at the finish!
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