6 Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

Want to get healthier this summer? Try these 6 steps to a healthier lifestyle and see the change.

Health – it is a topic many of us think about every day. How can we feel better, be healthier, look younger, and even live longer? The truth is, with just a few simple additions or substitutions in your daily routine, big changes can happen. And these changes can have powerful positive impacts on your psychological, emotional, and physical health. The key is knowing the steps to a healthier lifestyle…and the good news is, you are probably familiar with most of them! While research has focused on an extensive range of possible steps to being healthier, we are going to share our 6 favorite tips on how to start living a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Leave some food on your plate – Longevity author Dan Buettner suggests how leaving some food on your plate may be helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Some studies completed on the oldest living Japanese men and women showed they tend to stop eating before they feel completely full. In addition to leaving some leftovers, eating slower may also improve your health, as it gives your brain time to recognize you are full.
  2. Start small – Perhaps one of the most important steps to a healthier lifestyle is starting with very small, seemingly inconsequential goals. Making a decision to achieve a large, sudden goal such as joining a gym and committing to going five days a week at the start, will most likely end up in frustration. Think on a smaller level and before you know it, you will have introduced a variety of healthy goals into your life.
    Consider a quick stroll around the block each time you get your mail, or substitute a lunch or dinner each week for a salad. It could also be something as simple as switching out a glass of soda or fruit juice for water a few times a week – all easy, reachable goals.
  3. Look at your tribe – Another important aspect in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is by surrounding yourself with positive people who have healthy relationships with others, and also try to make healthy life and food choices. Having this type of support and encouragement around will motivate you, whereas spending time with people who have unhealthy habits may influence you in the opposite direction.
  4. Steer clear of the television – Did you know a study from 2010 showed individuals who watched four or more hours of television daily were 46 percent more likely to pass away than those who watched under two hours? The reason, inactivity and long periods of sitting. In addition, unhealthy snacking may also be part of the reason for health declines associated with long periods of television watching.
    For those who cannot miss their favorite show, consider exercising during a portion of it. You can try squats, leg lifts, crunches, or using free weights instead of being sedentary.
  5. Ramp up your intake of fruits and veggies – We were all told to eat our veggies as a child and with good reason. Did you know taking in at least three servings of fruits and vegetables per day may lower your risk of heart disease by as much as 76 percent? All of the fiber, vitamins and antioxidants can also be helpful for your digestion and skin too!
  6. Get moving – Physical activity is one of the greatest steps to a healthier lifestyle and can add years onto your life. If you do not have time for the recommended thirty minutes of activity at once, consider breaking up your routine into three blocks of ten minutes. Studies have found it has the same positive effect on the body and can help you stay motivated and on track as far as regular workouts.

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