Ridiculous Valentine’s Day Pick Up Lines for Diabetics

Valentine's Day pick up lines for diabetics

You’ve probably heard your share of cheesy one-liners, but these Valentine’s Day pick up lines for diabetics will have you laughing for a while!

Imagine not being able to crack a joke at your own expense.. or not having the ability to take something dark and shed some light into it with a good amount of laughter. After all, they say that laughing can be the best medicine, and these Valentine’s day pick up lines for diabetics can sure cause the giggles.

While not everyone is a fan of the corny pick-up lines and, it is true they can sometimes get a little out of hand, a little bit of diabetes humor is another way of facing this disease without stress and the continued worry.

Humor can make an outstanding difference in the way we feel, the reaction to our own illness or that of a loved one… It can change our perspective about a particular situation, by bringing some good-hearted fun into the picture.

Granted, imagining a diabetic throwing pick up lines about sugar may not be so easy, but that is exactly what many diabetics out there are doing, just to lighten up the mood of the situation.

For this coming V-Day, online bloggers, users of diabetic dating websites, reddit users and comedians alike – who either suffer from diabetes or have someone in their lives that has been diagnosed – are sharing the best AND worst Valentine’s day pick up lines for diabetics they have heard (and sometimes, even used themselves!).

Some of the light-hearted and funny pick up lines about sugar, include:

“I don’t need to check your blood sugar to know you’re a 10.”

“My low blood sugar isn’t the only thing that’s making me sweat, you are HOT!”

“Hey girl, that blood sugar number is almost as pretty as you are.”

“I’ve never felt this glu-close to someone before!”

“Hey girl can you check your blood sugar? Cuz I would love to know your number.”

Now, while these may seem simple, for those that are more into “medical terms” diabetes humor can use a variety of terms that – maybe only those informed about the disease – may get:

“Baby, I just followed my CGM arrows and they pointed me straight to you.”

“I’d never destroy your heart the way your body destroyed your beta cells.”

“You’re perfect. Be like my lancet and never change.”

“I was drawn to you like blood is drawn from my finger.”

“I wish I was your insulin pump so that I could be next to you all day.”

“You’re a lot like my insulin syringes, super fine!”

In addition to these Valentine’s Day pick up lines for diabetics and as mentioned above, there are those that can actually see the humor in their situation, and make a joke at their own expense, whether it is to lighten up the mood or simply have a good laugh with their loved ones.

Some of the best ones in this category include:

“I swear all diabetics are friends, it’s like a secret club we get to be in where we sit in circles to check our sugar and take insulin.”

“I am 50 shades of sugar free.”

“People with diabetes handle rejection better than most people because after an organ in your own body rejects you nothing else can top that.”

Keeping up high spirits is key in managing your diabetes, and being able to have a good laugh despite the circumstances speaks highly of your character and your resistance. Remember that, everything that is intended to be funny and NOT hurtful or mean, can definitely change the mood and the way you – or the ones around you – feel.

So whether it is dropping a few Valentine’s Day pick up lines for diabetics on your next day, or goofing around with your close friends and relatives, make sure to keep smiling as part of your self-care routine.





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