Why Am I Losing Weight? Causes of Mysterious Weight Loss

why am i losing weight

Why Am I Losing Weight? 7 Unexplained Weight Loss Causes

People generally get excited when they notice they are losing weight. Although sometimes they may ask
themselves “why am I losing weight?” because they aren’t doing anything out of the normal to drop pounds.
Unexplained weight loss can be concerning because you are unsure of the causes of weight loss and
weather it is cause to see a doctor. If you notice unexplained weight loss that is occurring quickly, take
moment to think of your body and if you notice anything else different. Make an appointment with your
doctor and let them know what you have noticed symptom wise and anything else you think may be one
of the causes of weight loss. 

Here we’re going to outline some of the causes of weight loss especially unexplained weight loss. This
doesn’t mean that if you are losing weight that one of these causes is the reason. When in doubt speak
to medical professional about your concerns.


Diabetes can be a cause for unexplained weight loss, especially when dealing undiagnosed type 1
diabetes. The reason why you lose weight with type 1 diabetes is because your immune system is
attacking the cells in your body, specifically in the pancreas, where insulin is made. When the pancreas is
attacked it stops making insulin and without insulin in your blood, your body can’t convert the sugar in
your blood into energy.


Depression often comes with weightless because of the feelings going on inside the brain. Emotions
that go along with depression, such as feeling sad and lost, often affect daily activities, especially eating.
Depression can create a loss of appetite (or increase depending on the person) causing weight loss.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

IBD also known as inflammatory bowel disease is a chronic disease in the digestive track causing your
body to constantly be using energy. When your body is using so much energy daily which means that it
is also burning calories which can account for weight loss.


Cancer, although a much more serious cause of unexplained weight loss, you can never rule anything
out. One of the first possible signs of cancer can be unexplained weight loss of 10 pounds or more,
according to the American Cancer Society.

Muscle Loss

Muscle loss can also be one of the causes of weight loss. When you are sedentary, either at work or
at home, it can cause your muscles to begin to break down which also means you will be losing weight.
You may also notice that your arms and legs look smaller due to the loss of muscle.


Hyperthyroidism can cause weight loss because it directly links to an overactive thyroid. The
hormones created in the thyroid directly relate to the metabolism allowing you to burn calories quickly
even when you have eaten a large meal.

Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive heart failure is another serious disease related to weight loss. Damage to the issue around
the heart can aid in speeding up the metabolism leading to weight loss. If you suspect that you have
congestive heart failure you should speak to a medical professional about any symptoms you may have
such as difficulty breathing while eating.

Losing weight can be greatly beneficial to your health especially if you are overweight. Habits related to
diet and exercise can greatly help you lose weight, intentionally. The scary part is when you lose weight
unintentionally. If you have recently had a life changing or stressful event it is possible that you are
eating less or stressed which can also account for weight loss. You know your body best, so when you
notice something is off, make sure you get the help that you need to continue living a healthy life.



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