Winter Care for Diabetes: 6 Tips

winter care for diabetes

You too can enjoy cooler days without the worry. Learn more about tips and tricks for winter care for diabetes and get holiday-ready!

Living with diabetes means making several changes to your lifestyle; your diet, your exercise regime, the medication you take… It makes an impact in your overall behavior. But, with the holidays approaching, it’s a good time to learn new tips and tricks that will improve your winter care for diabetes so you can enjoy your family time.

Diabetes and cold weather has always been a reason to worry; the reason behind this is that – in fact – over cooler months the HbA1c levels in people with diabetes tends to be higher than on warmer months.

With the changes in temperature, the sugar levels can actually increase if one is not paying close attention to the issue, and can put your overall health at risk just when you are supposed to be enjoying the good and happy times with your loved ones.

So, does weather affect diabetes? The short answer is: YES. But, the important thing is that there are any winter care for diabetes tips and tricks that you can start using right this minute in order to make sure you can have fun without the worry.

One of the best tips for winter care for diabetes is something that you already do on a daily basis: testing your blood. By keeping this daily routine you can accurately track any drastic changes in your blood sugar levels, and therefore take the necessary precautions.

Diabetes and cold weather are, indeed, opposites. However, there are simple tasks that can make handling the situation easier and stress-free.

These 6 tips and tricks for winter care for diabetes will help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels and will allow you to spend quality time with your friends and family.

1. Stay Warm

This is probably the most important tip to deal with diabetes and cold weather. As stated above, the changes in temperature can increase your sugar levels. To avoid this make sure that you wear warm socks, proper footwear and layer up!

2. Protect your devices

If you wear an insulin pump, and you carry your glucose monitor, keep them in close contact with your body and cover it with an accessory or warm clothing. You want to make sure that they stay at a temperature above 34`F.

3. Keep your activity levels up

A little activity here and there will always help you maintain healthier insulin levels, will promote warmer body temperature and will increase your metabolism.

4. Avoid getting sick

When you catch a cold, the flu or a virus, it makes your fight against diabetes a bit more difficult. During cooler months our body is more exposed to these ailments, for this reason it is important to not only keep warm and layer up, but also pay close attention to your diet. A healthier and more balanced meal can provide the right defense against viruses.

5. Choose healthier food options

We all know the holidays are the perfect time to indulge, and living with diabetes does not mean you have to reject all your favorites. But, it is highly recommended to plan your meals ahead of time and seek healthier options and substitutes that will keep your sugar level under control.

6. Keep busy

By engaging in daily activity (indoors or outdoors), spending quality time with loved ones, engaging in meal preparation as a group, playing some music or having a laughter… all these factors contribute to beating the possible winter blues and keeping your mood and emotions in sync.

Even though the answer to the question of does winter affect diabetes is a sure yes, there are many ways in which you can keep up a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the holidays. Diabetes and cold weather do not have to put a stop on your festivities.



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