8 Tips for Fighting Spring Allergies

tips for fighting spring allergies

You can rely on these easy tips for fighting Spring allergies this upcoming season, and actually enjoy the blossoming part of the year!

If you are dreading the upcoming months of Spring because of your seasonal allergies, know that you are not alone – at all. And while this may not be the support you were looking for, you can actually find some comfort with these easy to apply tips for fighting Spring allergies this coming season.

Itchy red eyes, runny nose, non-stop sneezing, the occasional headache and sinus pressure… It all sounds like straight out of a nightmare and for those who can’t understand the suffering, you may seem like you are truly contagious agent.

But, rest assured, you are just one among the millions of people that year after year are attacked by the plague of seasonal allergies. Fortunately, there are many tricks and tips for fighting Spring allergies that are not only easy, but that actually work.

Allergic rhinitis is one of the most uncomfortable situations that you can find  yourself in. Especially when you have to be outdoors whether for your commute or for work, and those pesky allergens seem to follow you around.

Sure, taking an antihistamine can solve the “how to stop allergies fast problem”, but the side effects unwanted side effects can leave you feeling fatigued, drowsy and with almost no energy to keep up with your day. So, in order to learn how to fight allergies naturally, one must come up with ideas that may alleviate the situation, or even better, prevent it from happening.

One of the biggest triggers for seasonal allergy is pollen. Unfortunately, we cannot escape our entire exposure to it since trees, grasses and weeds all around release these tiny particles in order to allow fertilization of plants.

As part of the tips for fighting spring allergies this upcoming season, the following recommendations are made for those that struggle with the situation:

  • If possible, stay indoors for longer periods of time as this prevent direct exposure to the most common allergens;
  • Keep your area cool, by shutting down the windows and doors and turning the air conditioner on. Avoiding fans is a great idea since it whirls around dust, pet hair and allergens that may be present within your space;
  • Wear sunglasses whenever you are outside, which prevents from pollen entering your eyes and triggering an episode of seasonal allergy;
  • Take a hot shower before you take your time to rest, that helps you remove any traces of allergens that may be present on your clothes or skin after a day outside;
  • Practice nasal irrigation. Yes, really. As strange as it may seem it can be the answer to how to stop allergies fast since it works by allowing the passage of salt water through the nasal cavity, thus washing away allergens and mucus;
  • If you want to know how to fight allergies naturally, pay attention to what you eat as well. Foods like apples, fish, nuts, grapes and tomatoes (to name a few) actually contain significant amount of properties that fight allergic reactions in our bodies;
  • Invest in a good indoor dehumidifier, which will not only purify the air within the room and filter it, but some come equipped with a UV light that attacks bacteria and germs!
  • Keep your space clean and free of dust and grime, as a dirty home (car or office space) is a great trap for allergens that can accumulate easily with each passing day.

In addition to these natural remedies and adjustments, you can also use certain OTC drugs that although contain strong antihistaminic properties, do not cause drowsiness and won’t leave you feeling lethargic.

These OTC drugs should be taken under the direct supervision and/or guidance of your Doctor, who may also be able to provide a prescription of something stronger if your particular case calls for it.






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