Cooking Tips for Beginners

cooking tips for beginners

If you are new in the kitchen you will find these cooking tips for beginners super useful on your journey!

Ahh the perks of cooking! Being handy in the kitchen does not come as easy for everyone as you may think. However, if you are new into this adventure, these cooking tips for beginners may be all you need to start your journey and actually enjoy it.

Cooking can actually be a relaxing experience, something to do at the end of your day to ease out the tension. Playing some nice music, having a glass of wine and meal prepping for you and your loved ones can be one of the best things in life.

But, we understand that when you are new, finding some simple cooking tips that will make the experience easy and less stressful is all you want.

While not everyone knows the 101 on cooking basics for beginners, it is important to know that – just like with many other things – practice makes perfect. You may not excel on a meal on your first try, but that does not mean that the experience has to be horrible.

Some of the best cooking tips for beginners have a lot to do with how to prep BEFORE you cook, than actually getting immerse between pots and pans, sauces and meat cuts.

For example, simple cooking tips for those that are just starting the journey can include little things like:

  • Prepping your cooking space with the necessary tools and ingredients for a recipe you want to tackle;
  • Make sure than all your produce has been washed and your tools and pans have been cleaned thoroughly;
  • Don’t improvise, rather follow your recipe step by step, ensuring that you take your time during the whole process;
  • Clean up as you go, this will ensure that you have an uncluttered space, which easily translates to having some peace of mind while you cook.

These are just some of the cooking basic for beginners that you can use before you even start heating up your range or the oven, and they will create the perfect ambience for your preparation.

Once you have the workplace prepared, you may proceed with the peeling, chopping and grating, according to what your recipe calls for. Seasoning is another important part of the process and, as one of the best cooking tips for beginners to keep in mind, you can always add more later.

This is particularly important when you use salt, pepper and other seasonings that you are not entirely familiar with. You can always add a touch of extra salt to a finished meal, but you cannot remove it after it’s been cooked.

Before you start preparing a meal, read the complete recipe. Make sure that you have the exact measure of all the ingredients you will use, and proceed to have everything diced and ready to go. This will not only save time during the cooking process, but will avoid accidents like burning something, spills, cutting yourself, etc.

Always be on the lookout to learn certain tricks of the trade; for example, some of the best cooking tips for beginners are actually methods even the experts use, such as:

  • Cooking bacon in the oven, instead of using a frying pan. This ensures that you get evenly-cooked strips that are perfectly crispy and without the excess of fat.
  • Avoid cut vegetables and fruits from oxidizing by storing them in cold water after you chop them.
  • Pat-dry your meat cuts with a paper towel to ensure that the seasoning sticks to them, but also to achieve a perfect sear during the cooking process.
  • Taste as you cook, this will ensure you know how your technique and recipe is going, and will help you in preventing over seasoning.
  • Invest in a good cast iron skillet and a high-quality cutting knife. These two will become the staple of your kitchen.

These and many other cooking tips for beginners are available in a number of ways. Read online, follow cooking shows and use the many available tech gadgets and phone apps that will sure make cooking a fun and pleasurable experience. Soon you’ll be cooking like a pro!


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