Diabetes Travel Checklist

diabetes travel checklist

Planning your next vacation? You can rely on this diabetes travel checklist to make sure you have everything you need on your next trip!

Anyone who has diabetes understands what it takes to treat and manage it. It is already a complex and time sensitive matter with serious consequences for mismanagement. Traveling can further complicate these responsibilities and having a diabetes travel checklist can help to keep this balancing act manageable.

Flying with diabetes type 2 makes it necessary to plan. Keeping your diabetes supplies on your person while traveling is a sensible way to start thinking about flying with diabetes type 2. Checked bags can reach temperatures that can destroy insulin because checked bags can be exposed to very hot or very cold temperatures, risking your supply.

Travelling with Insulin

Keeping your insulin on you and in a cool pack can avoid loosing your essential supply of insulin. In addition to keeping insulin on you and at the appropriate temperature any diabetes travel checklist should include snacks for dealing with low blood sugar.

Smart Snack Options

Good travel snacks for diabetics like fruit, nuts and some refined carbs like chips can help prevent low blood sugar. Things like trail mix, peanut butter, dried fruit like apricots, yogurts and whole grain snacks are preferable as good travel snacks for diabetics.

When your blood sugar is already low it’s time to pull out the glucose. Glucose tabs are preferable to other ways to get glucose because they won’t melt, stay dry and are easy to use and store.

Proper Documentation

Documentation is also an essential part of any diabetes travel checklist and flying with diabetes type 2.

Make sure you have a letter from your doctor explaining that you have diabetes and need to have your supplies on you at all times. If you’re traveling to a country that does not speak English it’s necessary to have these documents translated. You may have to present these documents to security officials ahead of time to minimized disruptions to your travels.

Keeping your blood sugar testing equipment handy is also very important when flying with diabetes type 2. There may be longer than expected waiting periods or times when you’re unexpectedly being more active than you though you might be.

A good diabetes travel checklist involves telling the people you’re traveling with that you have diabetes and need to take it seriously into consideration while traveling so nobody is taken by surprise when you regularly check your blood sugar levels or if you need them to help you in some way during the trip.

Always Have a Helper

Remember that if things don’t go as planned you may need someone to come through with some good snacks for diabetics.

Take More Than You Need

A good rule of thumb to help prevent a crisis is to have twice as many diabetes related supplies as you think you will need for the trip.

Take Time Changes into Account

Another consideration when making a diabetes travel checklist is time. Changing time zones have to be taken into serious consideration and making adjustments to your equipment and routines is essential to keep your blood sugar within healthy limits.

This may involve getting up at night to test your blood glucose levels and eat something as you transition to another time zone. Before you leave for your trip ask your diabetes care team to assist you with making these plans so you can be prepared and enjoy the most of your trip.

Enjoy Your Trip!

Part of the joy of traveling is getting to experience different types of food. Do your best to investigate the nutritional value of the food that you may be eating while on your trip.

If you’re not sure making a plan with a nutritionist could be a good place to start working on these details of your diabetes travel checklist and help you know about good travel snacks for diabetics to pack.

They may be able to help you find tasty alternatives to those classic food destinations so you don’t feel like you’re missing out!






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