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Clinical Definition Dyslexia is a neurologically based learning disorder, which impairs comprehension and processing of written language. Dyslexia usually is characterized by difficulty with spelling, phonological processing and fluent and accurate recognition of words. Although intelligence level is usually normal, the ability to read is impaired. In Our Own Words Dyslexia is a common learning


Clinical Definition Dyspepsia is a subjective feeling of pain or discomfort in the upper abdomen due to irritation of the stomach or processes involving the stomach. It can be acute or chronic, and treatment focuses on medications to reduce symptoms and mitigate the underlying causes, such as agents to reduce stomach acid or quell infections


Clinical Definition Dysplasia is the abnormal development or changes in cellular tissue which may be due to discrepancies in size, shape and organization of adult cells. A potential early indication of a neoplastic process, dysplasia is sometimes classified as either high or low grade, depending on the severity of cellular changes. In Our Own Words

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