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Bile Acid

Clinical Definition In the body, bile acids are fatty substances formed from cholesterol and secreted by the liver to help the body digest fats and fatty acids. In Our Own Words Bile acids are weak acids, formed in the body from cholesterol. Bile ducts carry bile from the liver to the gallbladder and then, when

Bipolar Disorder

Clinical Definition Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder characterized by pathological mood swings from mania to depression. There is no clear cause for the disorder, although there appears to be a genetic link, and scientists are trying to understand differences in brain development, connections and activity in affected individuals. The disorder is often treated with

Bird Flu

Clinical Definition Avian flu, or bird flu, is an infectious disease caused by avian flu (bird influenza A) viruses. Many different strains of the virus exist in the intestines of migrating wild birds, and some of these strains can cause mild to serious symptoms. These viruses typically infect only other fowl, but on rare occasions,

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