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Heart Ventricles

Clinical Definition The ventricles are the two lower chambers of the heart. In Our Own Words The heart is divided in two halves by a wall or septum. Each half of the heart has a smaller upper chamber (atrium) and a larger lower chamber (ventricle). The ventricles receive blood from the atria. The right half

Heat Exhaustion

Clinical Definition Heat exhaustion is a reaction to prolonged exposure to high temperatures. It develops due to a depletion of electrolytes and dehydration without adequate replenishment. It is characterized by weakness, prostration and tachycardia. If heat exposure is allowed to continue, the condition may progress into heat stroke. In Our Own Words Normally, your body

Heat Stroke

Clinical Definition Heat stroke is the most severe of three types of heat emergencies, also including heat cramps and heat exhaustion. Heat stroke can cause shock, brain damage, organ failure and death. Fever, irrational behavior and confusion are common. In Our Own Words Heat stroke is the most severe form of heat-related illness and can

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