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Clinical Definition Polyuria is excessive urination beyond the typical daily output of three liters, or just over three quarts a day. Polyuria is more prevalent with advancing age and is caused by a number of conditions, including congestive heart failure, uncontrolled diabetes and excessive intake of fluids during the day. In Our Own Words Polyuria

Postnasal drip

Clinical Definition Postnasal drip is the secretion of mucus into the nasal pharynx from the posterior nasal cavities. The condition is often chronic, with excessive or thick secretions. Allergies, sinusitis and upper respiratory tract infections may cause the condition. Postnasal drip is a common cause of sore throat and coughing. In Our Own Words Postnasal

Postpartum Depression

Clinical Definition Postpartum depression is characterized by an emotional disturbance including depressed mood in the weeks to months following childbirth. It is distinct from postpartum blues, which is generally mild and resolves with a week or two after giving birth. The cause of postpartum depression is not known, but fluctuating hormones may alter brain chemistry

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