Tips for Eating Healthy on a Busy Schedule

Eating Healthy On a Busy Schedule

Too busy for healthy eating? Six busy lifestyle diet tips will have you eating healthy in a hurry

In the attempt to keep up with our busy schedules, it is easy for healthy eating habits to get pushed to the side. That’s bad news, since the Centers for Disease Control reports that unhealthy eating habits can increase your chances of developing nutrition- and obesity-related diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Fortunately, eating healthy on a busy schedule is easier than many people realize. With a little planning and advance preparation, you can get yourself and your family back on the path to healthier eating no matter how busy you may be. Here are six healthy eating tips that will help:

#1: Make time for breakfast

Skipping breakfast because you are in a hurry is a bad idea. A new study reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that skipping breakfast may lead to increased rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Grabbing a bowl of instant oatmeal or bran muffin takes just minutes and gives you a healthier start to your day. If you prefer to eat on the go, keep healthy breakfast bars on hand – just make sure you read labels carefully. Some of the so-called “healthy” bars have high levels of sugar and calories.

#2: Use grocery store lists and services
Shopping for groceries when you are in a hurry can lead you to choose prepackaged, processed foods that are bad for your health (and your waistline!). Make up a grocery list of healthy choices before you shop and stick to your list. Many grocery stores have apps that help you plan meals and make shopping lists in a flash. Think you’re too busy to shop for healthy foods? You may be able to skip the trip to the grocery store entirely – in most locations you can select healthy groceries and have them delivered to your door for a small fee.

#3: Choose healthy menu options

One of the biggest mistakes busy people make when eating out is deciding what to order at the last minute. It is too easy to make poor food choices when you are hungry and your will power is at its weakest. Decide before you get to the restaurant on the type of menu items you will order. Even fast food restaurants now have at least a few healthy choices, such as baked potatoes, grilled chicken, and salads.

#4: Cook for the week

Making multiple servings of a meal does not take significantly more time than cooking for a single meal. If you’re too busy during weeknights to cook, you can prepare a week’s worth of dinners over the weekend. Take one day to cook several dinners, and then separate the food into meal-sized portions. You can store in separate containers in the fridge to reheat, but a better choice is to use one of the home vacuum sealers to freeze portions. Simply heat the portions in hot water or the microwave for delicious home cooked meals in a hurry.

#5: Use the slow cooker

Slow cookers are wonderful tools for busy families. Before you head off to work, place some skinless chicken breasts, beef roast, or other lean meat in the pot, along with potatoes, onions, spices, and your choice of vegetables. Add water, turn it on, and that’s it. You’ll come home to a healthy home cooked meal ready to eat whenever you are.

#6: Have healthy snacks on hand

Skip the vending machines and keep healthy, prepackaged snacks on hand for on-the-go infusions of energy. This is one of the best busy lifestyle diet tips if you tend to hit a mid-afternoon energy slump. Portion your own snacks into zippered baggies or purchase some of the many “100 calorie” snack packages available commercially. Healthy snacks such as packages of raisins, healthy granola bars, and bottled protein shakes can provide energy to keep you going without ruining your diet.

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