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Clinical Definition Tendinitis is the inflammatory response or microscopic tearing of fibrosis tissue, which connects the muscle to bone. This condition is often due to repetitive motions, and is a common cause of soft tissue pain and strain. In Our Own Words Tendinitis is the irritation or inflammation of any tendon in the body, and

Tension Headache

Clinical Definition Tension headaches, sometimes called tension-type headaches, are the most prevalent type of head pain experienced by adults. Patients vary with frequency of symptoms, and the pain may be mild or moderate and feel like a band of pressure squeezing the head. In Our Own Words Tension headaches, or tension-type headaches, are not migraines,

Testicular Cancer

Clinical Definition Testicular cancer originates in the testicles, usually affecting a single testicle. Risk factors include having an undescended testicle, Klinefelter’s syndrome, being of Caucasian race and having a family history of testicular cancer. Scrotal edema, testicular lumps or swelling and groin aches are possible symptoms. Diagnosis is by ultrasound, serum tumor markers and physical

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