FDA Approves New Blood Glucose Scanner that Eliminates Finger Pricks!

blood glucose scanner

The days of pricking your finger can be a thing of the past with the new FDA-approved blood glucose scanner for patients with diabetes.

Imagine not having to deal with needles and pricking your finger on a daily basis in order to manage your diabetes. That sounds like a good deal, right? That is exactly what the new FDA approved blood glucose scanner brings, alleviating the burden of cutting yourself as part of your routine.

A blood glucose monitoring device is basically a tool that every single diabetic patient has in their arsenal. These little devices work by testing a sample of your blood up to two times a day to measure, manage and help you control and adjust your blood sugar levels.

But, this blood sugar monitor without finger pricks promises to be the best tool available to manage and control diabetes.

Traditionally, a blood glucose monitoring device would put off patients from buying and using them because of the need of getting expensive supplies and having to go through the discomfort of pricking their fingers in order to get a reading, not once, but actually twice on a daily basis.

These negative qualities will most-likely be a thing of the past, thanks to the new FDA-approved blood glucose monitoring device called FreeStyle Libre by Abbott.

This new and improved blood gluclose scanner was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in late 2017 and it is available for purchase in pharmacies and medical supplies stores across the USA.

The technology behind this tool is simple: the use a blood sugar monitor without finger pricks and that actually provides continued monitoring for up to 10 days. So, how does this little miracle gadget really work?

The FreeStyle Libre device is a blood glucose scanner that comes with a self-adhesive white sensor patch the size of a quarter, and a digital scanner smaller than a smartphone. The patch goes in your arm for a period of up 10 days, allowing for constant monitoring with just a swipe of the scanner. After the 10 days ? You simple remove the current sensor patch and apply a new one.

Other great benefits of this device is that it is compatible with certain operating systems through the mobile app, meaning that it could be monitored through your current smartphone as well, it is entirely waterproof, super light and thin, making it discreet and practically weightless.

All of this added to the fact that you no longer have to prick your fingers to get the results necessary to manage your diabetes on your daily life.

With over 30 million of Americans living with diabetes, this is surely a significant improvement on the way they can assess, control and manage their daily lives without having to prick their fingers several times a day to remain in control.

This new blood glucose scanner device is not only revolutionary within its kind, but already has a steady and loyal fan base that swear the results they’ve seen have only helped and improved their lifestyle.

Because this new gadget allows for continued monitoring during a 10-day period, with one simple scan or checking the app on your smartphone, patients with diabetes are able to verify even the smallest of changes after every meal, a work-out session, taking a nap or after a good session of rest.

This type of monitoring is excellent because it takes into consideration the changes on your blood sugar levels that can be triggered by your diet throughout your day, your hormone levels due to extra activity or stress, changes because of lack of rest, etc.

Finally, patients that have been using the monitor claim that their diabetes management has only improved making every-day life easier and with no more unnecessary discomfort. Clearly, this is a win for the medical field in the USA.






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