Super Filling Snacks for Work and School

filling snacks for work

These filling snacks for work are healthy, super delicious and will actually help you lose those extra pounds without starving!

Let’s say that as part of your preparation for summer you want to lose a couple of extra pounds, but you don’t really want to starve yourself or have to cut back on your regular diet so much. These filling snacks for work and to take on the go are perfect to help you with that!

Part of what makes losing weight so difficult for some people is having to be on the run most of the time. Going to school, work, prepping the family for the day ahead, running errands, and what-not usually leaves little time to think about what to eat.

Added to that list is the fact that not everyone is a fan or has the actual time to meal prep ahead to really take control of their eating habits. That is exactly when these healthy snacks on the go play their important role.

Skipping meals has been proven to be unhealthy and actually counterproductive in the fight to lose weight, so by adding these filling snacks for work or to have on the go during your day, you can pack on the nutrients you need without compromising your health.

The idea of having healthy snacks for weight loss available is that you stay full, your metabolism keeps on working, you avoid eating after hours or overeating during your regular meals, and you actually become more conscious of what you put into your plates.

Having healthy snacks on the go, and available at any time during your day is not difficult to accomplish either, because these ideas are easy to whip up and most don’t even require to be either refrigerated or heated in order to enjoy them.

The best filling snacks for work and to have whenever you can’t sit down to have a proper meal include:


This chickpea wonder is a favorite of dietitians and health enthusiasts alike because is packed with protein, fiber, a formidable taste and can be combined with your favorite veggie sticks or chips or as a spread on your favorite whole-wheat toast.


Deliciously filling, super packed with fiber and so easy to have on the go, these little green shells are perfect to be enjoyed with just a dash of sea salt or a low fat dressing on the side.

Sliced Tomato with Feta

This savory option will make you happy and keep you full, as it has the protein from the feta cheese and the many benefits of the tomatoes. Just add a sprinkle of salt and olive oil for perfection.

Apple & Nut Butter

Your favorite nut butter will be the best allied to a crisp and juicy apple. This simple snack is not only filling, but will provide good, healthy fat and a lot of fiber to keep you full until your meal.

Yogurt and Berries

Imagine a cup of creamy greek yogurt topped with fresh and juicy berries and a spoonful of honey. That sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

Avocado on Ezekiel Toast

A good Ezekiel sprouted bread with a delicious spread of avocado may be all you need to keep up with your work day. Full of whole grains, healthy fats, and super flavorful this is easy to digest and just needs a splash of lime and sea salt to be kept fresh and yummy!

Tuna Salad and Celery

This spread is versatile because it can be combined with either light mayonnaise as the traditional salad, or with greek yogurt for a twist, making a perfect dip for your celery sticks.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Super simple, easy to take on the go and delicious these provide at outstanding 12.6 grams of protein making it a favorite amongst the healthy snacks for weight loss.

Kiwis and Clementines Salad

These two fruits are sweet, flavorful and packed with antioxidants but also provide a refreshing break to your super busy day. Toss with some mint and honey for an extra kick.

These filling snacks for work and school are a good idea for every member of the family, and they will please all palates and help you target those extra pounds on those who are trying to manage their weight.


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