5 Health Food Trends to Try

Health Food Trends

Check out some of the newest health food trends!

Food trends are no longer a novelty. In fact, every year a slew of health food trends emerges to replace those that inevitably fall through the cracks. These typically fit into the category of healthy food trends which before long, if they are any good, also start being heralded as the latest weight loss trend.  This year, we are celebrating the evolution of some fledgling health food trends that have been steadily gaining momentum. Take a look at these five health food trends to try.1. Meal Kit Delivery Services started as a way to an innovative way to explore different cuisines while learning how cook at the same time. From its inception in 2012, it has now become a mammoth size trend that promise to ease the burden of grocery shopping while making even a novice in the kitchen feel like a gourmet cook. What is most alluring about this health food trend is that satisfies the palate with multiple layers of flavor through the wide spectrum of fresh ingredients that is perfectly proportioned, carefully packaged and brought to your door. With an assortment of flavor profiles to choose from that are colorfully laid out in step by step fashion on recipe cards, it simplifies the cooking process and removes the boredom of daily mealtime.  There is currently over a dozen meal kit services to choose from with names like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Plated and Green Chef to name a few.  Green Chef gives people with dietary needs the option of vegetarian, omnivore, vegan, carnivore, gluten-free and paleo meal plans. The fact that this trend has turned into a $400 million market with more companies slated to come onboard for a piece of the pie undoubtedly ear-marks it as one that may be here to stay.

2. The “MIND” diet is one of the latest weight loss trends that also promise to boost brain power and improve heart health. While it combines elements of the popular Mediterranean and DASH DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay plans the MIND Diet differs in some significant ways in that it enhances cognitive function and proved more effective in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s. Based on a new study conducted by researchers at the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, the MIND Diet has the potential to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by as much as 53%. It achieves this through regular consumption of nuts, seeds, leafy greens, fish, and olive oil.  Culinary nutrition expert, Jessica Fishmann Levinson suggest that because the MIND Diet is not a rigid set of rules but encourages a balanced eating pattern, it makes it easier to stick to.

3. Hello Goodness is a new-age health conscious vending machine being showcased by PepsiCo. This health food trend unpacks the less-healthy snacks and chips that has for decades been the staple in vending machines in favor of heathier versions of on the go snacks. The new temperature-controlled vending machines offer items like ready-to-eat hummus cups, Quaker Real Medley Bars and Smartfood Delight Popcorn. The machine also provides customers with nutrition information as well as food and beverage pairing suggestions. This health food trend is taking off with thousands of these vending machines already placed in educational, government, offices, health care and recreational facilities.

4. The newest pasta health trend is slow in gaining momentum, but offers so many health benefits that there is no turning back for those that have jumped on the bean pasta bang wagon. Let’s face it, even the most health conscious have succumbed to the lure of white flour pasta due to the lack of a suitable alternative; until now. The innovative use of beans to create a global favorite is a win-win for people with weight problems and diabetes who would rather eat a bowl of pasta than meat, rice or even pizza. The bean inspired pasta trend is a healthier alternative to calorie laden, nutrition and fiber poor white pasta. Bean pastas also provide more protein in every bite than even whole wheat pasta. The benefits of eating black bean pasta could improve heart health and some researchers suggest that black beans help to promote antihypertensive properties.

The good news is that in addition to its benefits, bean pasta provides all the convenient advantages of its less healthy counterpart as a pantry staple with a long shelf life that is easy to cook, loaded with fiber keeps you filled up longer and provides the perfect vehicle for sauces. In addition, bean pasta has joined the ranks as one of the latest weight loss trends. Due to its low sugar content, consuming bean pasta has been shown to aid in weight loss when used as an alternative to traditional pasta. This is also a plus for people with diabetes because it does not cause blood sugar spikes.  For the truly health conscious consumer, the high antioxidant and nutritional content of these noodles makes it one of the most beneficial food trends on the market today. And, based on market response, this health food trend is expected to capture the market in 2017 so look for a variety of bean pasta on supermarket shelves this year.

5. With the benefits of probiotics fully established in the mind of every health-conscious consumer, the fermented food trend may supplant the more expensive versions as an affordable and tasty alternative. Although research is still emerging, so far, the report is that the good bacteria in fermented foods may improve digestion, boost immunity and even assist in weight loss. The most popular fermented foods that are reportedly packed with probiotics include fermented vegetables, Kimchi and sauerkraut.

Hydration is so important that it is not surprising that finding alternatives to regular bottled water has become a new health trend. With the rapid increase in the number of people that are being diagnosed with obesity and diabetes each year, it is not surprising that unhealthy go to beverages like soda, sports drinks and sugary fruit juices is giving way to the Plant Water trend. Although regular water and coconut water are still recommended as the best hydrators by nutritionists, expect to see beverages made from plants such as artichoke, cactus and cucumber. Although some may contain small amounts of sugar they are touted as being lower in calories than sodas and sports drinks.  As it is with most upcoming health food trends, plant water may be a bit pricey for some.

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